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Breakthrough cancer detection technology detects mouth, throat cancer through breath

EPFL cancer detection Technology

Cancer is the third largest cause of deaths reported globally as late detection also reduces number of treatable victims drastically. However, a team of researchers led by Nico de Rooij in Neuchatel worked at SAMLAB in collaboration with EPFL to develop, perhaps, the quickest method available for detection of certain type of cancer cells. This device can detect cancer in mouth and throat only. Highly accurate micro-sensors are developed for this device, and they measure cancer signatures in breath. All a person will have to do is to breathe out into a mobile device to make the detection possible, that’s it. The team collaborated with the Swiss Nanoscience Institute at the University of Basel to test the device on real patients, who were either sick or had gone through a surgery for throat cancer. The results verified that the technology is accurate and the sensors were extremely efficient and effective. Read More…

World’s first head transplant planned for ailing man shocks the internet!

Sergio Canavero head transplant on Valery Spiridonov

Russian doctor they call Dr. Frankenstein

Although it might sound like a fiction movie plot, set sometime in the future, but it is shockingly true! Yes, Russian surgeon Dr. Sergio Canavero who is popularly known as Dr Frankenstein, claims to have the right technique to perform head transplant surgery and turn it into a successful operation, unlike any other performed until now. Valery Spiridonov, a 30 year-old computer scientist suffering from an acute genetic condition known as Werdnig-Hoffman muscle wasting disease has volunteered for this operation. The surgery involves cutting-off the volunteer’s head and attaching it to a donor’s body who is brain-dead!
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Say goodbye to ear infections with CellScope Oto HOME accessory for smartphones

Oto home ear infection detection device

Ear infections in children are a big problem for parents, and it costs the US healthcare more than $3.5 billion a year. Ear infections become much more prevalent in the cold and flu seasons when ear infections are very common, especially in children. Now, that is a huge amount for a single non-fatal problem that has to come with a simpler solution. CellScope Oto HOME accessory for iPhone vouches to be that simple solution which takes a recording of the ear and then via Oto CONNECT service sends the data to a physician for remote clinical assessment and prescription.
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Google to acquire Lift Labs, the maker of Liftware Spoon

Liftware Spoon Lift Labs Google acquisition

Google has been on a spree of acquiring technology start-ups that are either linked to intelligence systems or automation industry. Now, they have plans to acquire San Francisco-based Lift Labs, the company behind the Liftware Spoon which stabilizes hand of people suffering from Parkinson. This take-over is planned for Wednesday as Google will announce the integration of Lift Labs into the Google Life Sciences division which is a part of Google X project. It is not clear how much Google will slash out to make this deal but it is certain that the meeting will take place in Mountain View Headquarters where Google’s top breed and Lift labs founder along with their hand-picked employees will be present.
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Researchers develop app that detects jaundice in newborns with a click

BiliCam app detects jaundice in newborns

Newborn babies are prone to jaundice. In order to let medics and parents detect jaundice in infants real early, researchers at the University of Washington in Seattle have developed a mobile app, which helps diagnose jaundice in babies by clicking a picture. Called the BiliCam, the app uses smartphone camera, flash and a business card-sized color calibration card to provide information about the infant’s bilirubin levels. Read More…

DermoScreen iPhone app detects skin cancer at early stages

DermoScreen iPhone app detects skin cancer

Having cancer can be the worst thing that can happen to an individual and if it is skin cancer then it is even worse. Efforts to detect skin cancer at the earliest possible stage is something that researchers around the globe are looking for, and Hyperspectral Camera is one example of that. And now George Zouridakis, a professor of engineering technology at the University of Houston has developed an app that uses your iPhone as a skin cancer detector. DermoScreen app that functions with an accessory that goes by the name Dermoscope, magnifies the iPhone camera view and tracks for any signs of melanoma.
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Hyperspectral camera detects skin cancer in under 5 seconds

cancer detecting hyperspectal camera by VTT

Researchers at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland have developed a lightweight hyperspectral camera capable of detecting skin cancer, their precursors, skin tumors and actinic keratosis in a matter of few seconds. The camera covers a large field of view, approximately 12 cm at any instance of time enabling detection of larger areas of skin for any early signs of cancer. The camera reveals what is not visible to the eye and gives the user any sign of early cancer, helping in taking the course of action for prevention of the skin cancer.
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Liftware Spoon stabilizes hand tremor so that you can eat without spills

LiftWare Spoon

People suffering from Parkinson, essential tremor and other neurological disorders have a hard time keeping their spoon stable while eating which can be an everyday battle at least 3 times a day. But the solution for this problem comes from an unrelated situation. Around a decade ago, Anupam Pathak (Ph.D. student) from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, helped soldiers suffering from the problem of rifle barrel shaking when holding the gun. The same technique is now used in stabilizing the shaking while eating by developing an active cancellation hardware used in noise cancelling earphones.
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Measure your blood glucose levels in 5 seconds using CareSens N POP

Won’t it be great if you could measure your blood glucose levels yourself without the need to go to a testing lab in your area? It surely will as it saves time and the hassle of waiting for reports. I-SENS Inc. today has released a self-monitoring blood glucose meter called CareSens N POP which is the latest model of the CareSens N flagship brand. The results of the blood glucose level can be obtained in less than 5 seconds using this product and the LCD screen makes it easy to see the results in dark room ambiance too. To minimize the errors encountered at the time of measurement it also adds temperature display and notification function of the expiry strips.
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