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Replica McLaren F1 supercar made by Top Gear fan for just £20,000

Replica McLaren F1 supercar

Owning a McLaren F1 supercar is no everyone’s cup of tea as it costs almost £5million and only 106 are said to have been made so far. But a Polish mechanic Jacek Mazur from Zabrze, Poland has proved everyone wrong by making his own McLaren F1 supercar for just £20,000 from scrap and spare parts. Nearly eight years in the making, this replica of the McLaren masterpiece can hurl up to 200mph, making it an amazing feat of craftsmanship and engineering. When Jacek saw the real McLaren F1 supercar for the first time he wanted to own one, but since it would cost him a fortune, he had no choice but to carve one out for himself. And it is no surprise that he has made other exclusive cars like Lamborghini Countach, Pontiac Fiero and Porsche 911 that sit right in his backyard besides this ultimate masterpiece.

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Replica Ferrari P4 is even better than the real thing

Ferrari P4 replica car by RM Wilson Engineering

The famous Ferrari P4 is every supercar collector’s dream car and only a few can boast to have one. Well, add one more to the tally as RM Wilson Engineering of Leicestershire, England have commissioned a replica Ferrari P4 that resembles the real thing so close that you would be challenged to choose the real one if they were put side by side one other. Deemed as one of the most expensive classic car, the Ferrari P4 replica project is one of the best ones by RM Wilson Engineering who are pioneers in restoring classic Ferraris. Made totally from scratch this Ferrari P4 look alike has a ZF gearbox and also has its own fuel injection system. Powered by a 400i 4 cam engine, this supercar surprisingly produces more horsepower than the real Ferrari P4 courtesy a 360 GT engine!

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