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BOSEbuild Bluetooth Speaker kit allows kids to build their own speaker

boseBuild bluetooth speaker kit

DIY gadgets are a rage these days, and how could a manufacturer such as Bose stay behind in the league. Embracing the maker movement, to allow buyers become makers, BOSEbuild educational division has revealed a DIY speaker. Dubbed the BOSEbuild Bluetooth Speaker, this is a project as Bose explains, to “Discover how your world works.” The customizable speaker much bigger in size than a regular Bose speaker, features larger components so that they are easy to tinker with. Read More…

Outrageously priced V10 engine-powered pencil sharpener for crazy collectors

V10 engine powered pencil sharpener

This might seem like a ridiculous novelty but it is interesting none-the-less. Conley Precision decided to put more than four years of hard work and countless man hours into making this V10 engine powered pencil sharpener. Yes, that is true and this functional pencil sharpener powered by a miniature V10 engine is what you won’t get to see again for its sheer exclusivity. The guts run on propane fuel and you’ll be amazed by what it can do. It has to be one of the most expensive pencil sharpener out there with a price tag of $250,000.
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You can now build your own ‘Netflix and chill’ button

netflix-switch DIY

This may be news too complex for an average Netflix consumer, but it definitely is going to ring bells in ears of those fans that have a tinkering mind. Netflix has revealed a device called The Switch, which most of us have taken to calling the “Netflix and chill” button. The one button device that makes you the laziest amid couch potatoes is something that Netflix wants you to build yourself. Read More…

Make a dirt cheap 3D hologram that works with your smartphone!

How to make 3D hologram projector

3D hologram display shown in the science fiction movies is so cool, isn’t it? Where a 3D stereoscopic image forms in thin air and is viewable from every angle possible. Probably one of the coolest example of augmented reality, but it isn’t cheap although. So, how about the idea of making a dirt cheap 3D hologram display that works with any mobile device which is downright awesome?
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DIYer creates dirt cheap underwater breathing device that you can make

DIY underwater breathing device

Rulof Maker, the popular DIYer from Europe never seizes to amaze with his simple yet effective creations. This time too he has built an easy to construct device that lets you breathe underwater. The DIY Underwater Breathing Device is a quick replacement to all the fancy breathing equipment that allows you to take deep dives into the depths of water.
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Make your own Lawn Darts that can inflict some serious damage

Lawn Darts by Joerg Sprave

Joerg Sprave, the seasoned DIYer who is incomparable when it comes to making weapons is back again with another creation of his. This time he has created Lawn Darts that are banned in U.S. but since he lives in Germany he didn’t bother much before making them. As would imagine, this weapon is as dangerous as it sounds but exciting I must say.
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Rocking horse with the gut of a bike engine, only Colin could have thought of that!

MotorHorse by Colin Furze

The crazy Brit is back again with yet another surprising invention of his. Yes, I’m talking about Colin Furze, and his new DIY project is a rocking horse that can burn the tarmac down the alley. A rocking horse converted into a two-wheel racing machine that can take on any skilled knight of the yesteryears. This people is MotorHorse, a fiberglass rocking horse converted into something that I have not seen before. Colin made this MotorHorse as a request from guys over at Field Day, and boy is it rocking!
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Iron Man themed PS4 controller that you can also make for just $50!

Iron Man themed PS4 controller

Iron Man themed PS4 controller

PlayStation 4 gaming console that looks intimidatingly cool, this is the first though that struck my mind as I lay eyes on this picture. It is the work of Reditt user [touchmeinthebeard] who used some smart work to turn an ordinary looking PlayStation 4 controller into an Iron Man themed controller that looks flashing gorgeous and would go perfectly with the Iron Man themed Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. The DIY is quite easy to accomplish and is not as extensive as the Steampunk PS4 project, so read on further.
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Chinese Iron Man suit looking for its superhero, as the maker is bit too chubby!

Chinese Iron Man

Iron Man Suit begging for an owner!

Cheng Chen, a 27-year old engineering graduate, has fabricated his own iconic Iron Man body suit by just spending £55 (approx. $83.75 USD) in six months, just to find out that he is bit too flabby to fit in it. Chen is a movie buff and while watching Iron Man movie with his younger brother, this idea struck him to build his own personal Iron Man body suit.

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