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LillyPad – A solar power floating water purifier


Beaverton-based Puralytics had earned a fame for its solar powered water purifier called SolarBag. The invention received a warm welcome in third world countries where clean drinking water is scarce. Already, about 60 countries are being benefited from SolarBag.

However, the engineers are now looking to capture commercial market with bigger equipment with larger water-cleaning capability. The man made ponds, natural lakes, catchment area, construction waste water, agriculture water etc. could be easily treated to deal with contaminants, micro-bacteria, and toxins.

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Tapp portable water filter for pure drinkable water anywhere you want

Whether you are a hiker, live in the most challenging environmental conditions on the Earth or want to counter the adverse conditions created due to a natural calamity, water is your only hope of survival. Twothirds Water (startup company created by engineers and entrepreneurs) has come up with a very simple product called Tapp to filter water anytime anywhere with anything that you have like water bottle, bag, hose, bucket, camel-back system etc. made specifically for outdoor trekking, globe-trotting and emergency situations; this water filtering system is for anyone out there. Whether you are a back-country hiker or want to be prepared for the most adverse situations.
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