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Chinese e-commerce giant JD.com testing delivery drones outside Beijing

JD.com delivery drones-1

After Japanese delivery service Rakuten and San Francisco based startup Zipline, Chinese e-commerce company JD.com has launched consumer goods delivery trial using drones. The company has begun testing delivery using drones in rural locations outside the capital city of Beijing. According to different claims by different websites, JD.com has started trails with either five or 30 drone fleet. Read More…

Google Image Search will now display sponsored ads to make shopping on mobile easier

Google Image Search
Google image search will now show shopping ads, announced Google ahead of its annual I/O developer conference this week. Google explained that newer filter buttons can also be used with the ads. It will allow customers to directly connect to retailers. The advertiser’s ads are part of the Google Search Network and ads will automatically qualify for display on Google Image Search.
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Jeremy Clarkson explains how Amazon Prime Air drone delivery service works

Amazon Prime Air drone delivery service

Amazon’s ambitious drone delivery Prime Air drone delivery service got a refreshing new boost with a new teaser video which got released yesterday. The video features Jeremy Clarkson who gives an insight into the company’s drone delivery system which is honed by a drone weighing 55 pounds capable of carrying 5 pounds of payload. This drone is equipped with sensors and collision avoidance system which detect any potential obstacles or other flying objects in its vicinity. The aim is to make this drone delivery mechanism full-proof and promise delivery in as less as 30 minutes in certain locations.
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Groupon gets even better with iPad compatible Gnome service

Gnome iPad compatible service by Groupon

Groupon, the daily deal giant of the internet is expanding its vision further by introducing Gnome (pronounced GEE-nome), an iPad based point-of-sale solution for streamlining the experience for customers as well as local merchants. This new service will have an integrated CRM module to track the customers based on their purchase history and preferences, thereby making it a pleasing experiencing both ways and ultimately benefiting Groupon too. Gnome is basically a system that provides payment processing system and customer management tool for merchants offering Groupon deals locally.
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