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CES 2017: POP-I backpack having e-ink flexible display is what the new generation needs

POP-I backpack

Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas has become the center stage for showcasing new technology, innovations and ideas that were unheard of before. This year at the electronics show so far, we have seen many eye-popping things. But this one was never even on our mind until we saw it. A backpack with an e-paper display to display the photo you like and show it off to the world. POP-I backpack has a 4.7-inch/10-inch e-paper screen and comes with a price tag of $99 – $399. Also, the accessory is available in canvas or leather make.
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Sony FES Watch U is the chameleon of smartwatch world

Sony FES Watch U_7

Sony has already shown what their idea of a smartwatch is with the FES Watch which is a fashion-forward wearable for the next gen geeks. Now, the company wants to show you what FES Watch has evolved into. Just like its big brother, the FES Watch U is up on Sony’s own crowd-funding platform First Flight. There are more designs for the watch-face and the watch band. All of it delivered through the e-ink display which displays the cool designs in monochrome theme.
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ShiftWear E Ink sneakers can be customized on the go

Shiftwear sneakers with e-ink display

In this tech dominated world we have got used to customizing our gadgets with new themes and wallpapers every now and then. For example changing the wallpaper of our smartphone or toggling the watch face of trendy smartwatch. Upcoming trend that has come to the foray is changing the look and feel of your sneakers. Just imagine how you can change the look of and feel of your sneakers without having to buy a new one just because you’ve got bored of the existing ones. As cool as it sounds, the idea of having sneakers with design changing options to go with your outfit is so desirable.
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popSlate iPhone 6 case blesses your smartphone with a low-energy secondary display

iPhone 6 popslate case

So, just got your new iPhone 6 and looking for a case cover to protect the smartphone? Hang-on then, just don’t jump the gun and go for any ordinary iPhone 6 case out there. popSlate case cover for iPhone 6 makes any case cover out there look ordinary with its self-powered 4-inch E-paper screen (e-ink display) on the back panel which gives you an added screen for the phone. Of-course it acts as a case cover for protection and courtesy its own battery power, microcontroller chip and on-board memory.
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Intel reveals dual-screen laptop with e-ink display on the backside

Intel dual screen laptop

Laptops and netbooks haven’t had much of a technological makeover in the last couple of years, but Intel is hoping to change that with their dual-screen laptop. According to Murali Veeramoney, head of the concept PC programme at Intel, several manufacturers are making laptops based on this new dual-screen laptop concept. The laptop has the traditional screen and a e-ink black and white display on the back side which acts as a surrogate viewing screen with extremely low power requirements.
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MWC 2014: Dual-display YotaPhone 2 smartphone doubles as E-Reader

YotaPhone dual-screen smartphone

Yota Devices, a Russian start-up has put forth their dual-faced YotaPhone 2 that takes a different approach to what your smartphone should be. The prototype of smartphone has been released at Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona, Spain and it looks much sleeker and has roundish contours when compared to its predessor. This smartphone has a conventional color touchscreen on one side and on the opposite side it has a low-power electronic paper display also known as E-Ink screen.
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