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6 most appealing announcements at E3 2015 by Microsoft and Sony


It’s that time of the year when you see best of Entertainment unleashed upon us by some of the largest names in business. It’s E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) time, yeah right! On the first day of the kick ass event, it was Microsoft and Sony that probably awed everyone present with their glitzy and futuristic announcements. While Sony overwhelmed all in attendance by announcing one game after the other; Microsoft was the big daddy on the day with a couple of announcements, which surely got Sony thinking what better they could do at the event. Interesting? Well, without holding you further then, here are six most appealing announcements by Microsoft, followed by Sony. Read More…

Oculus Touch controller for next level gaming experience in Virtual Reality

Oculus Touch

There is no doubt that Virtual Reality is going to transform video gaming forever real soon, and Oculus Rift is going to lead the way. Oculus began with wireless Xbox One controller as input device, but to move forward and improve gaming experience in virtual reality, the Rift makers have come up with Oculus Touch – next-gen input device designed to allow gamers to interact with objects in VR most naturally. Read More…

Polk speakers and headphones for Microsoft Xbox One gaming console


Now that Microsoft Xbox One is here to give you the gaming adrenalin of your life it only makes sense that you enjoy all the intense gaming action in high quality sound. Polk has come up with premium audio products like sound bar and headphones that deliver finely tuned audio for the Xbox One in association with Microsoft. No matter what genre of game you are playing or the in game situation, to compliment the breath-taking graphics quality of Xbox One gaming console these audio products from Polk who have been redefining high quality music since 40 years is commendable.
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