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MWC 2016: Sony Xperia Ear is your intelligent voice-assistant on-the-go

Sony Xperia Ear Bluetooth earbud

Sony has dropped down to outside the top 10 bestselling smartphone brands and to rectify that has come up with the Sony Xperia series smartphones. Alongside the Xperia Series phones announced at Mobile World Congress 2016, Sony also gave a glimpse of its Xperia Ear voice-assistant earbud which is something new to the tech world. Seeming more like an adaptation of the earpiece shown in movie ‘Her’, the accessory is your Siri or Cortona in the ear.
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It doesn’t get any stylish than these 3D printed V-Moda headphones

3D printed V Moda headphones

3D printed V Moda headphones look funky and cool

A die hard music fan and you would settle for any ordinary headphones? I don’t think so. This pals is a collection of 3D printed sleeves for the popular V-Moda headphones that can be totally customized for its look, take that for a funky looking pair of earpieces. The user has the option to remove the shields anytime he/she wants from these headphones that are a big hit with famous DJs around the world like Avicii, Tiesto and Claude. Perhaps, adding a bit of your own style lends these music machines a needed smart look that can rival any gadget for looks.
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Greater Than wearable flushes out negative thoughts from your mind

Greater Than wearable earpiece

Greater Than wearable earpiece relaxes your mind

These days everyone is plugged-in with their earphones and headphones to de-stress themselves from the tension seeping-in. With all the smart wearable technology around, somewhere the missing link was a smart earphone/headphone that automatically detects your brain signals to play the requisite music loops for relaxation. Greater Than is that very wearable gadget which has a built-in EEG sensor to measure the electrical singal coming from your brain. After the reading is done, the bone conducting speakers play back the musical loop (from many on-board) that puts you in a state of calm.
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MWC 2014: Plantronics Voyager Edge earpiece is perfect companion for your smartphone

Plantronics Voyager Edge Bluetooth earpiece

Plantronics Voyager Edge high-end Bluetooth earpiece has been revealed at the Mobile World Congress 2014, and it looks all set to exemplify the wearable tech arena. Honed by the Plantronics audio technology, this mono earpiece offers unmatchable clear communication capabilities along with the ability to auto-answer calls and use voice commands for total hands-free communication. The earpiece has noise and wind cancellation properties, added with the multiple microphones for crisp audio even in the most harsh environment conditions for hassle-free communication. The Smart Sensors allow for hand-free answering of calls as you bring earpiece close to the ear and you can provide custom voice commands like “Answer” to pick-up calls. Additionally Voyager Edge is capable of announcing the caller’s name so that you don’t have look at the smartphone to check who is calling.

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Jawbone’s ERA earpiece allows wireless communication via your smartphone

Jawbone's ERA earpiece

While contemporary smartphones are getting more advanced in terms of infused technology, their form factors are also getting a bit ‘out of hand’ in a quite literal way. This has to do with bigger screen sizes, which makes the primary function of talking on your phone an unwieldy task. Well, electronic ear piece maker Jawbone has contrived a wireless solution that traverses this cumbersome predicament. The company’s ERA Bluetooth earpiece gives you the opportunity to talk directly on your phone or use voice command features like Siri and Google Now without requiring that big, fat screen near your ear. This unobtrusive degree of interaction has further advantages that relate to multi-tasking on your end, like – when walking your dog outside or trying to talk in a crowded subway train.

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