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EnerFusion Solar Power-Dok charges your gadgets while outdoors

EnerFusion Solar Power-Dok picnic table

The race for developing self-sustainable eco-friendly gadgets, and the methods to power-up these gadgets has led to many good ideas. In the same league is this Solar Power-Dok picnic table/workstation by EnerFusion made in partnership with Sprint Corporation. The table has an umbrella like contraption on top which holds the solar panels and is located in Lansing City Market, downtown Lansing, Michigan. There is one 100 watt solar panel and three 45 watt solar panels that generate a total power of 235 watt to power-up your gadgets like smartphone, tablet, portable MP3 player etc. out in the sun while you enjoy a cold chilled beer while spending time with pals.
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Pele inaugurates first player-powered soccer field in Brazil

Pele inaugurates player-powered soccer field

Brazilian football legend Pele have inaugurated the first ever player-powered soccer field in Rio de Janeiro slum of Morro da Mineira. Using a new technology developed by British start-up Pavegen, the football pitch uses the energy generated by the player’s movement on the field to partly power up the floods lights. A total of 200 underground tiles were installed across the width and breadth of the field. The tiles will gather kinetic energy through the motion of the players and will feed that power to six 280-watt LED floodlights overhead. However, the tiles provide only 20 percent of electricity for the lights and the remaining comes from the solar panels set up at the facility.
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Wind-powered magic material that will light-up our future

Wind powered lighting material elasto mechanoluminescent

The idea of wind powered luminescent light seems cool, but so far, the attempts to find this magic material hasn’t had much success. Back in 1605 Francis Bacon came across the phenomenon we call as mechanoluminescence, wherein a material like sugar crystal emitted flashes of light. Now, a team of scientists from the Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology, in South Korea have managed to create a material that emits light by blowing air into it, equivalent to what a desktop monitor emits. They managed to achieve this by mixing colored phosphors made from copper-doped zinc sulfide and flexible plastic polydimethylsiloxane composite.
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NanoFlowcell Quant e-Sportlimousine sportscar that runs on salt water finally gets road legal

NanoFlowcell Quant e-Sportlimousine

NanoFlowcell Quant e-Sportlimousine made its debut at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show and the technology that it boasted-off made everyone think that it was good on paper but not good enough to make it to the productions. As opposed to that belief, the car that runs on salt water powered electrolyte flow cell power system has received approval from TUV Sud in Munich for use on public roads. This streamlined and sexy looking four seater sportscar that is based on the principle of redox flowcell developed in 1976 by NASA and American Space Program. Read More…

ASMO Charger saves energy and provides fire safety too

ASMO Charger

ASMO Charger is a perfect gadget for people out there who tends to leave their phone charger plugged to the socket when their device isn’t charging. Developed by Finnish Engineer Asmo Saloranta, the Asmo is an energy efficient mobile phone charger which automatically switches off when you unplug your phone and back on also when you reattach it. To start working, the charger uses a small amount of current from the phone and as soon as the battery is full, the charger completely powers off.
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Solar-powered three-wheeler from India to embark on 9,600 km journey across Europe

Image credit: Reuters/Stringer

Image credit: Reuters/Stringer

Tuk-tuk’s (a.k.a auto rickshaw) are a well-known means of commuting in Indian cities, but are they environmentally friendly? I guess not. But Naveen Rabelli, a 33 year old electrical engineer is all set to change that image, as he takes his solar powered electric tuk-tuk on a 9,600 km odyssey across 10 countries including London. His solar-powered electric auto rickshaw has a brand new electric motor, battery and gearbox to deliver premium performance. Naveen who is making this three wheeler since two years now has named it Tejas, which means brilliance in Sanskrit.
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Made from e-waste MiON pedal-powered lamp lights up homes

MiON pedal-powered lamp by University of Alberta industrial design students

For people living in not so developed nations, even getting basic amenities like lighting is an everyday struggle. We drool over our gadget charging woes, but life is much tougher in these areas, making people with intuitive minds around the globe to think of solutions to make their life better. On the same lines a team of University of Alberta industrial design students have designed a pedal-powered lamp christened MiON that could be a bane for millions around the world. Made from recycled electronic waste, bicycles and motor technology components this pedal-powered lamp could one day light up homes destitute from electricity. As a part of advanced product design class project, students Russell Davidson, Jiayi Li, Fren Mah, Mikenna Tansley and Kapil designed MiON which apparently won the gold cadre in product category of the International Sustainable Electronics Competition.

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Honda UNI-CUB β personal mobility vehicle has improved balance and seating position

Honda UNI-CUB β personal mobility vehicle

Honda has revealed the upgraded beta version of their very popular UNI-CUB hands free mobility device that came back in May 2012. The new version of Honda’s mobility device is dubbed as UNI-CUB β and boasts-off balance control technology and omni-directional driving wheel system that has been used in Honda’s humanoid robots like ASIMO. The improved version enhances movement in either direction by tilting to the intended side or shifting body weight accordingly and is perfect for personal mobility in indoor spaces like huge office complexes. Since the very first version of UNI-CUB was introduced Honda has been testing the personal mobility vehicle in conjunction with National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) as their staff has rigorously tested it during their office hours for commuting from one place to another in the facility premises.

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DIY Nikon SLR Cardboard Camera made from recycled material

Cardboard camera

For photograph fanatics Marta Crass has created a replica Nikon SLR just from cardboard and recycled material. Being hand cut without the use of any precision machining tools like laser cutting machine or plotter, the Cardboard Camera resembles the real thing very closely. Measuring 6.5” x 4.5” in length and height respectively the replica camera is an emulation of the 1960’s era Nikon camera of her grandfather. Although it can take no pictures and is rendered useless once it drops in the water, this replica camera made from cardboard is geekishly cool and can be yours for $150. If that price is too high for you then the best thing you can do is to enjoy it in pictures or set out on making one for yourself from the visual clues you have.
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EcoFan is dirt cheap hand operated pocket fan for hot summers


Summers are fast approaching and the heat is going to get unbearable at least when you are outdoors away from the cozy comforts of your AC home or car. So why not have a portable fan that you can carry in your pocket for that elusive freshness of air touching your skin when the heat gets unbearable. Takara Tomy is going to release a hand operated fan that needs no battery for fresh air anytime, anywhere you want. Much like the concept of hand-cranked gizmos that are becoming popular by the day; this Ecofan measures 55 x 40 x 140 mm with a total weight of just 51 grams and comes in three color variants.
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