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Ampler smart electric bike – Excellent companion for urban commuters

ampler electric bike
Same way that all phones are gradually being replaced by affordable smartphones, electric bikes would be replaced by sophisticated, simpler ones. Estonia-based Company Ampler has designed, perhaps, one of the best electric bikes for urban commuting. Despite carrying batteries, the bike weighs only 14 kg, which is 35% lighter than common electric bikes, and comes with a dedicated app with a number of functions. The ones to control bike assist ratio, generate journey details on map, and it also indicate battery charge, temperature, voltage, speed, estimated time of arrival etc. But the best part is that it looks like normal bikes. Read More…

Westport man’s homemade electric motorcycle fetches him CIE internship

UMass Dartmouth student builds e-bike

A mechanical engineering major, Dustin Roderigues of UMass Dartmouth, Westsport, had designed and built an electric bike in his garage last year. His innovation has fetched him an Internship at the University’s Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE) in Fall River. He came across the CIE while attending a Startup Weekend held last winter sponsored by Google for Entrepreneurs. The event invites entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs for hands-on experience of their innovations. The event is a great opportunity for start-ups and individuals to figure out if their ideas are viable or not. Read More…

This electric folding bicycle is the future of urban commuting

Gi FlyBike folding electric bicycle_1

The Gi FlyBike has been in the making for almost two years now and finally it has got past the prototype stage and ready for production. The makers have put up the project on Kickstarter and in just 3 days it achieved the funding goal and looks good to accumulate a colossal amount. Looking to transform the way people commute in urban areas, this foldable electric bicycle crafted from ultra-lightweight aircraft aluminum is ideal for any situation.
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A-Bike Electric: World’s most compact and lightweight e-bike arrives later this year

A-Bike Electric

Electric bikes give you the freedom to commute around in cities with one less thing to worry, that being environmental impact. And if an electric bike is lightweight and folds into itself, there’s nothing better than that. Meet A-Bike Electric, an electric bike that is up on Kickstarter for funding and has already achieved its funding goal to materialize the idea.
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Solar Bike: Engineer designs bike that charges itself through its wheels

Solar Bike by Jesper Frausig

Solar Bike by Jesper Frausig

Biking is already one of the most eco-friendly way of commuting to work. Now with electric bikes making their way into the market at a blistering speed, the life of a biker is getting better than before. Jesper Frausig, a Denmark-based solar-energy engineer have plans to further improve the life of bike riders. He has developed a solar-powered bike that charges itself through its wheels and doesn’t require energy from external power grid. Dubbed Solar Bike, the innovative and sustainable alternative to the electric bike is designed like a conventional bike and is easy to ride and maintain.
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Yamaha working on motorcycle and bike inspired by nature

Yamaha Root motorcyle

Yamaha, the Japanese automotive giant has always been at the forefront of two-wheeler manufacturing and now plays a pivotal role in robotics as well. Keeping with its tradition of high-end bike and motorcycles, Yamaha has kept up with the tradition and now to make things interesting, it has ventured into an offbeat project that makes us understand the importance of renewable energy sources. This design initiative dubbed AH A MAY (which is YAMAHA when spelled backwards) included a prototype motorcycle that had all its dials removed to clear the riders view and a bicycle that charges a battery on the go and then later on powers musical instruments. Read More…

Raht Racer Trike = Electric Bike + Pedal-Powered Commuter + Fitness Machine = Awesomeness!

Raht Racer electric pedal powered vehicle

How about a pedal-powered electric trike that can go at the top speed of 70 mph? Have a look at this electric three-wheeler that has pedals for charging the electric motor and moving forward on the road. A pretty unique idea perhaps for a hybrid vehicle that incorporates the best of environmentally-friendly commuting and boosts fitness too!
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Italjet unveils vintage looking Ascot electric bike at Italian bike show

Ascot electric bike from Italjet

Ascot electric bike from Italjet

Italjet, Italian manufacturer of two-wheelers founded in 1959 is well known for building motorcycles and thermal scooters. However, from past couple of years the company has shifted its focus to the creation of electric bike models. Currently, the Italian brand offers three models of electric bikes: Diablo, Savana and Eagle which are also exported to 50 other countries. Now again, Italjet has come up with a new model named Ascot, which was unveiled at Italian bike show EICMA in Milan few days back. Designed in collaboration with New Yorkers Spalding & Bros, the Ascot electric bike comes fitted with a Brooks saddle.

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Project LiveWire promises to bring electric Harley Davidson motorbike on road

Project LiveWire Electric Harley Davidson

Every bike lover wants to own a Harley Davidson simply because of the quality that this cruise motorcycle has been proving to its users for the last 111 years. That roaring, yet soothing noise of the engine and the intimidating bike design has captured the imagination of riders for a very long time now. But now Harley Davidson is taking a detour from their traditional gas powered motorcycles and venturing into battery powered electric motorcycle division too. Project LiveWire is Harley’s attempt to make an electric cruise motorbike that is as good as the unbeatable Harley Davidson motorcycles made during the century.
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Indian veteran creates solar-powered bicycle from dirt cheap components

solar powered bicycle by Samuel Jones

Samuel Jones, a 61-year old electronic engineer from Kozhikode has made a solar-powered bicycle that starts like any other electric scooter and is good enough to take a ride in the city without pedaling. Made from an Ampere bicycle purchased for around Rs 22,000 (approximately US $368.63), Samuel fitted it with solar panels that can produce around 60 Watt electricity. This energy is enough to propel the bicycle for 6km distance, after which you’ll have to wait till the sun charges the battery again.
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