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The 2018 Tesla Model 3 to feature 250 miles range with minimal interiors: Report

Tesla Model 3
The 2018 Tesla Model 3 electric car announced by the CEO Ellen Musk in March this year is being speculated to be the best EV available currently in consumer market.  Now, some reports are suggesting that Model 3 would feature upgraded lithion-ion battery pack that can extend its range upto over 250 miles in a single charge.  In March, however, the announced specs had claimed the range to be somewhere around 215 miles.  Also, the 17-inch portrait touch-screen is replaced by a new 15-inch landscape touch-screen, as per the reports. The car can accommodate five passengers and can attain a speed of 0-60 miles per hour in less than six seconds.  The charging time is likely to be the same as that for Tesla Model X and S – between 2-4 hours. Read More…

Electric car completely destroys Ferrari in a drag race [video]

I don’t believe me saying this, but it’s so damn true – there is an electric supercar faster than a petrol powered LaFerrari (one of the fastest cars in the world). Along with all of us, this came as a surprise to British racing driver Archie Hamilton, who had heard about the Rimac Concept One by Croatian car manufacturer Rimac Automobili, but didn’t know how fast this world’s first electric supercar could go; at least not as fast as a Ferrari, common! Read More…

Tesla introduce cheaper Model S 60 and S 60D variants

tesla model s

Tesla has again made some changes in the existing Model S series. Although, market is desperate to see Tesla Model 3, but the company thought of introducing less expensive models with varying battery packs. Tesla already has a model with 75-kilowatt battery pack, and now it has re-introduced the 60kWh pack option that it had discontinued last year. The company has replaced its 70kWh variants, which were part of the base models. Read More…

CES 2015: Renovo Motors Coupe is world’s first all-electric supercar power-packed for thrill

All eletric Renovo Motors Coupe Supercar

All-eletric Renovo Motors Coupe Supercar

CES 2015 was destined to surprise us with all new wearable technology, robotics and 3D printing. But little did we know that CES would bring first all-electric American supercar that is just jaw-dropping to say the least. Renovo Motors Coupe powered by a lithium-ion battery is capable of going from 0-60 in under 3.4 seconds with a top speed of 120 mph. Now comes the interesting bit, the coupe is the first car powered by the Nvidia Tegra X1 Super Chip to keep the all-digital cluster and 11.6” touchscreen optimized.

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