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Toshiba reveal world’s first 4K display laptops

Toshiba 4K laptops CES 2014

At this year’s CES in Las Vegas we saw a whole lot of wearable technology related gizmo and hardcore gadgets like laptops were in scarcity. But Toshiba had other plans as they showed to the world the first ever Ultra HD 4K display that is common only in big panel TV displays. The 4K technology in itself is a new innovation that promises a very life like viewing experience with four times the resolution of Full HD for mind-boggling details. Toshiba is the first company to bring the 4K technology to the laptop screen. Revealing two laptops with the Ultra HD 4K display for different set of users; namely the Toshiba Tecra W50 mobile workstation for engineers or 3D designers and Satellite P50t for professional photographers, graphics designers and movie buffs. The 15.6 inch laptops with 3840 x 2160 resolution at 282 PPI are expected to be available for purchase in mid-2014.
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CES 2014: Huawei Tron Android-based gaming console

Huawei Tron Android gaming console

Late last week at CES 2014 Huawei revealed its own Android-based (4.2.3 OS) mini gaming console dubbed Tron which is expected to carry a low price tag of $120. The gaming console is going to have compatibility with PlayStation 3, PC and NDS games which is great news for gamers who always craved for an all-in-one gaming console for all their favorites games across various gaming platforms. Although Huawei Tron is going to face some stiff competition from the Ouya gaming console which also runs on Android OS, but still cross platform compatibility is going to lend Tron some advantage. It is going to be powered by an Nvidia Tegra 4 processor, have 2GB system memory and internal storage of either 16GB or 32GB.
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CES 2014: Best automotive technologies on show

Automotive technology

Your wheels determine your style statement and the kind of personality you have but as soon as you close the door of your vehicle it’s just about how comfortable you are with it. Surely automotive details like your engine performance, gear ratios and balance of the vehicle do determine how pleasurable the ride is but there is no doubting how technology is changing the complexion of our present as well as the upcoming automotive technology. CES 2014 saw a long list of car manufacturer’s and third party automotive part manufacturer’s come up with their version of ideas to make you driving experience even more exhilarating. We have here a list of the best automotive technologies demonstrated at Consumer Electronics Show 2014, so read on to learn how technology is fusing with your everyday ride to make things better than before.
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CES 2014: Fujifilm instax SHARE Smartphone Printer SP-1

Fujifilm instax SHARE Smartphone Printer SP-1

Taking photos on your smartphone/tablet can be fun be it a selfie or group photo with your loved ones. And it is even more fun to take out photo prints to savor the memories forever by hanging them on your room walls or personal desk. Going by this notion Fujifilm has come up with a portable WiFi-enabled printer that can take credit card sized prints of photos on your smartphone. Fujifilm instax SHARE Smartphone Printer SP-1 can connect to any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet via the Fujifilm Instax Share append print on the go without much hassle. It only takes 16 seconds to print the image once it is chosen and the wireless printer can take out 100 prints on one fully charged set of batteries.
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CES 2014: EVGA TORQ X10 gaming mouse with carbon fiber body

EVGA TORQ X10 gaming mouse

For a gamer owning gaming hardware and accessories that can give an added edge is always a thing to crave. And at CES 2014 EVGA showed off what a sexy piece of streamlined gaming hardware can do for a gamer. EVGA TORQ X10 gaming mouse made from carbon fiber is in a class of its own which provides an immersive game playing experience. Made for both left and right handed people this ambidextrous gaming mouse has a movable mechanism for proper support in varying hand sizes. Its Avago 9800 laser provides 8200 DPI with an amazing 1000Hz polling rate. The metal base gaming mouse has 512KB memory for profile storage and 9 programmable buttons to store different profiles for gaming. Weigh distribution of the mouse can be tuned by the user for maximum comfort and the Omron switches having lifespan of over 20 million clicks gives it limitless lifespan.

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Keecker robot is a smartphone controlled projector and audio system

Keeker robot CES 2014

In the run for making a portable projector that is wise enough to understand needs of the user Keecker robot which is smartphone controlled beats them all. Showcased at CES 2014 this robot projector runs on Android 4.2 OS and has full integration with Google Play so that you can stream favorite content from Netflix or Youtube. To top it off the projector has a built-in speaker system that enhances your visual experience. Keecker robot has 1,000 lumen light that is bright enough even if the lights of your room are on making it an unbeatable projection robot that obeys your every command. The only downside of this robot is its resolution of 1,280 x 800 which is quite less when we see the price tag attached to it.
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CES 2014: Bem Wireless Speaker Band, a boombox on your wrist

Bem Wireless Speaker Band CES 2014

A speaker on your wrist is what this watch is all about. Shaped like a wristwatch the Bem Wireless Speaker Band connects via Bluetooth to your devices and there you have a personal boombox on your wrist that is ready to get any party started. Added functionality includes initiating or answering calls through its built-in microphone. Speaker Band is very comfortable to wear and comes in a plethora of colors like green, pink, white, black or gray. This watch speaker in a way breaks the jinx of smartwatches that we are so accustomed to see these days especially at CES 2014 and shows how a watch can be more than just smart, it can be a speaker.
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CES 2014: Self-drifting BMW M235i is unbelievable

Self-drifting BMW M235i CES 2014

There is nothing new about the technology behind autonomous driving vehicles that major automotive companies are trying to cash in, but a drifting autonomous car sounds interesting. At CESW 2014 BMW demonstrated a new kind of prototype vehicle that uses advanced control technology for maximum safety even at car’s dynamic limit. The autonomous driving vehicle is so profound at direction changing and decision making process that it can make a car drift in perfect harmony with the surface and curves of the road. The electronically controlled steering, automated brakes and accelerator work in tandem so flawlessly that the car is able to perform picture perfect drifts. The prototype vehicle used for this technology demonstration is BMW M235i and you would have to see it to believe it. Take a jump for video transcript of the impressive driving capability of this autonomous BMW M235i.
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CES 2014: Hand gesture controlled iRing Music Maker for iOS devices

iRing Music Maker CES 2014

Going in with the current craze for wearable tech and gesture controlled gadgets IK Multimedia has revealed a new kind of gizmo that lets you create music on your iOS device just by hand gestures. iRing Music Maker touchless controller for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch gives you a whole new way of creating music in a fun way with certain specific gestures. Using the advanced image recognition technology, motion control and geometric positioning technology the device is paired with FX/Control app and then the front facing camera of your device determines the position of the iRing to track movement. The ring controls 6 parameters at a time giving you the freedom to create music just like a music expert. The wearable gadget is worn in between the fingers and the movement is converted into MIDI control messages that control music settings.
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CES 2014: $4.5 million Lamborghini Veneno Roadster with Monster’s dynamic audio system

Lamborghini Veneno Roadster by Monster CES 2014

Lamborghini Veneno is one sexy car that is a dream for millions out there but only a few have the money to buy it. And when a Lamborghini Veneno gets even sexier than ever it is kind of a car lover’s ultimate fantasy. Sant’ Agata-based company Monster has joined hands with Lamborghini to come up with a special edition Monster version of Lamborghini Veneno Roadster having a high end music system powered by Monster. The audio system that alone costs around $50,000 is in a class of its own with dynamic sound and clarity courtesy Pure Monster Sound tuned by Head Monster Noel Lee and the latest technologies in sonic innovation for an immersive listening experience. Lamborghini Veneno Roadster is currently on display at CES 2014 and is turning eyeballs as everyone wants to get inside this exclusive supercar to have a feel of it.

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