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GE engineers builds 3D printed mini jet engine that can reach 33,000 RPM

3D-printed mini jet engine by GE engineers

3D printing have opened so many possibilities for engineers and designers all around the globe to keep on trying something new and fun. Once in a while, there comes an innovative creation that displays the brilliance of 3D printing technique. The latest masterpiece showcasing the technology is a 3D printed mini jet engine which has been created by GE engineers. The fully-functional engine is not just for exhibition as it was power tested at 33,000 rotations per minute. About a foot long and eight inches tall, the small jet engine is built using additive manufacturing, a next-generation technique that make complicated 3D objects by melting metal powder layer upon layer.
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Handheld jet engine propels creator to speeds of 50mph in Chasewater lake

Handheld jet powered engine

Jetpacks are good, but a handheld electric jet engine to propel you forward in water is something out of the ordinary. Doug Foden, who is an engineer has made an electric jet engine surfing device in his garage and it took 2 years for to complete. This electric thruster can propel a full-grown adult to speeds of 50mph in open water and needs quite a skilled rider to maneuver it around. That of-course Doug is good at as he took his handheld jet-propulsion device for testing to the Chasewater Lake in Staffordshire.
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Interview: Matteo Panini, maker of iXoost iPhone docking station

Matteo Panini iXoost dock for iPhone

A dock that is made from car exhaust parts! Yes, that is what a high-end, out of this world docking station for iPhone looks like. Taking stellar motivation from the inspirational designs of the most exotic sports cars, Matteo Panini has collection of some of the most impressive mobile docking stations thus far. He calls them “iXoost” which sounds like “exhaust” and very apt for the design. We got the chance to get one-on-one with Matteo Panini, and dig deep as to what iXoost really is, and how it came into existence.
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Functional palm-sized Lego Toyota 4A-GE engine

Toyota Lego 4AGE Engine by Solde

[Solde1], a Lego enthusiast has created a pocket-sized replica of the Toyota MR2 4A-GE engine completely from Lego bricks and other plastic parts. This 16v Twin Cam engine has a very cool sound and when you rev the engine it makes a very good sound, just like the real Toyota MR2 4A-GE engine would do. This 16 valve Lego engine has been designed very precisely and the form factor is an exact replica of the real thing. It has timing belt, crankshaft, pistons and throttle to complete the look and in fact is very eye-catching. [Solde1] hasn’t detailed-in on any specifications of the engine or how it runs, other than the fact that it has water cooler system.
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Old man creates smallest functional V12 engine replica

Smallest V12 engine

After seeing the smallest V8 engine that is crafted with a very precise hand, the next best thing is to create a small little thumping V12 engine which is too cool to believe. A die hard mechanics pensioner José Manuel Hermo Barreiro (a.k.a Patelo) took the task of creating small little V12 engine in 51 days which demonstrates the man’s patience as well as passion for making car engine replicas. The engine has been crafted with such precision that when on full power it produces minimal vibration, so much so that when a coin is placed on top of it there is no visible movement.
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Smallest electronically fuel injected V8 engine is fit for RC muscle car

Smallest electronically fuel injected V8 engine

The smallest Electronically Fuel Injected engine themed on LT5 engine in C4 generation ZR1 Corvette models is here and it’s damn cool. Made by Keith, this 45cc V8 engine is built from scratch by making a TPI intake manifold that has cross plane crank, Chevy V8 firing order. There are valve covers, overhead cams and a sound that is so reminiscent of sweet sounding Corvette engines. The fuel injector for the engine is out of a Fiat Punto injector parts and Tuner Studio from MegaSquirt as brain for optimizing the fuel efficiency. To get this amazing miniature V8 together Keith did the machining work on a manual Bridgeport and a 10 decade old lathe, now that is DIY at its best.
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Mercedes V12 engine made from copper, bones and other surprising material

V12 Laraki engine

Creativity has no bounds and it can come in form or shape. And this time around it comes in the form of a Mercedes V12 engine made from copper, bone and 50 odd other materials. Made by Belgian artist Eric van Hove with help from 35 other master craftsmen from Morocco, this masterpiece took almost 9 months to complete and is called as V12 Laraki. It all started by first dismantling a real Mercedes V12 engine, which by the way in itself is quite a difficult and pain-staking task. Thereafter Eric along with his accomplices set out on replicating each and every part of the real thing with his own version of strange material choice. Apart from that, don’t be flabbergasted if I tell you that it consists of 465 hand-made parts and 660 cast-copper bolts.

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3D printed rocket engine paves way for future manufacturing methods

Having a rocket powered engine is not something common and only a few can afford the costs involved but this is where 3D printing comes to your rescue by reducing the cost of producing rocket engine. The reasons for such mind-numbing costs include the complex engine system that need to be optimally build for taking on the intense heat and this involves very complicated welding and machining process. However 3D printing looks to simplify all this by manufacturing rocket engines at much much lower costs. Rocket Moonlighting is on a quest to 3D print a rocket engine using the Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) process in stainless steel with the operating fuel being propane and the oxidizer NO2.
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Come 2014 and Snake Robots will repair plane engines saving time and effort

Keeping track of various parameters inside a jet engine is not an easy task and right now machines do
the job of monitoring air pressure, temperature and vibration by means of diagnostic algorithms making sure there is nothing left unattended as millions worth of machinery and human life is at stake. Keeping this in mind engineers at Rolls-Royce and General Electric are hard at developing devices called Snake Robots (also referred to as viperoid machines) measuring around half an inch in diameter capable of repairing any problems in plane engine which are planned for release in 2014. The Snake Robots will be wirelessly controlled by an expert technician and hooked onto the engine itself ready to set into action as soon as some problem is diagnosed inside the engine like telesurgery.
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Lego Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 is world’s first functional jet engine modeled from Lego bricks

When an auto giant like Rolls-Royce comes up with something made of Lego it surely sounds surprising but one can bet their money that it is going to be impressive. Lego Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 is world’s first jet engine made completely from Lego bricks and is a half size replica of the Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 engine which is used in Boeing 787 Dreamliner airplane. Probably one of the world’s most complex and streamlined Lego structure ever made the Lego jet engine was shown at the opening of Farnborough International Airshow.
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