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Ways businesses can achieve sustainability goals and save the planet

business sustainability goals

There is a trend in the modern business world towards sustainability and the urge to minimize the impact of our modern living on this planet. This offshoot of environmental consciousness focuses on reducing waste and energy use to keep the business’s needs in line with the local infrastructure’s ability to extract it without harm to the ecosystem. Although sustainability is a big word, the changes to your operations it brings need not be big ones. Instead, carefully planned trims and adjustments will pay dividends. Below you’ll find some tips for ensuring your sustainability program is the best possible thing.
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Biodegradable helmet that will not be an environmental hazard after disposal

Giro Silo biodegradable helmet

As an individual who likes to stay close to nature and have as low environmental impact as possible, a bike helmet made from natural materials is just what you wanted. Since bike rider safety is your prime concern, but at the same time you also want to impact the nature as little as possible. For that very reason Giro have introduced an environmentally-friendly helmet having recyclable ABS plastic hard shell and bio-foam liner made from E-PLA (Expandable Polylactic Acid) which is biodegradable. This material is extracted from plant biomass which is 100% natural.
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Audi’s Disappearing Billboards – Apparition like visual effect created by water vapors

Audi A7 Sportback H-Tron Quattro Disappearing billboards

Audi always finds itself amidst niche advertising campaigns and proactive development of future automotive technologies. A few months ago we saw the Audi RS7 become a canvas for the Castrol’s 3D projection mapping at SEMA Show, and now recently they embarked on an ad campaign for the hybrid-electric Audi A7 Sportback H-Tron Quattro. They formed alliance with German advertising firm Thjnk to make disappearing billboards that are reminiscent of the Audi class. The ads were placed in different areas of big cities and those who watched it just could not imagine their eyes.
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$850-million solar energy plant to power Apple’s new headquarters

Apple Headquarters California

Apple has left behind giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon and many more in its green quest for which they had promised a shift to pure renewable energy sources for powering their data centers and office buildings. After last month’s $2 billion investment in massive 70-megwatt solar-powered global data command center in neighborhood of Arizona, now Apple CEO Tim Cook has announced establishment of $850-million solar farm with 130-megawatt capacity to power its stores and facilities located in California.
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Foldable Inu electric scooter goes at a top speed of 25 kms

Inu electric scooter

Haifa-based Green Ride has come-up with a foldable electric scooter dubbed Inu that comes with the promise of ultra-portability, since it folds to the size of an average suitcase. The smartphone-controlled electric scooter weighs just 18kg, reach top speed of 25 kilometers per hour and can go 20 kms without needing a recharge. The 500W/750W electric lithium-ion battery charging docking station that comes with the electric scooter is compact enough to be stored at home or in your office without any problem.
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NanoFlowcell Quant e-Sportlimousine sportscar that runs on salt water finally gets road legal

NanoFlowcell Quant e-Sportlimousine

NanoFlowcell Quant e-Sportlimousine made its debut at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show and the technology that it boasted-off made everyone think that it was good on paper but not good enough to make it to the productions. As opposed to that belief, the car that runs on salt water powered electrolyte flow cell power system has received approval from TUV Sud in Munich for use on public roads. This streamlined and sexy looking four seater sportscar that is based on the principle of redox flowcell developed in 1976 by NASA and American Space Program. Read More…

Made from e-waste MiON pedal-powered lamp lights up homes

MiON pedal-powered lamp by University of Alberta industrial design students

For people living in not so developed nations, even getting basic amenities like lighting is an everyday struggle. We drool over our gadget charging woes, but life is much tougher in these areas, making people with intuitive minds around the globe to think of solutions to make their life better. On the same lines a team of University of Alberta industrial design students have designed a pedal-powered lamp christened MiON that could be a bane for millions around the world. Made from recycled electronic waste, bicycles and motor technology components this pedal-powered lamp could one day light up homes destitute from electricity. As a part of advanced product design class project, students Russell Davidson, Jiayi Li, Fren Mah, Mikenna Tansley and Kapil designed MiON which apparently won the gold cadre in product category of the International Sustainable Electronics Competition.

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Solar-powered Traffic Robots ensure smooth flow of traffic in Congo

Traffic robots in Congo

You might not expect to see high tech robots walking in the capital city of Congo, but you are sure to witness solar-powered traffic controlling robots in Kinshasa. To overcome the problem of controlling traffic in Kinshasa, two giant Traffic Robots measuring almost 8 feet have been placed at two crowded intersections of the capital city of Congo to ensure smooth passage of traffic. These solar-powered Traffic Robots have been developed by engineer Isaie Therese and deploying them to control traffic at the intersection of Boulevard Triomphal and Huileries Avenue, in Kinshasa has reaped benefits for the city. Their intimidating figure forces the pedestrians and commuters on wheels to follow orders given by the robots which was not possible earlier with human traffic controlling personnel.

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Energy laden sugar-powered batteries will power gadgets and gizmos

Sugar powered battery

In this power hungry world of gadgets and gizmos, looking for alternate sources of energy that would be natural and in plenty is the competition these days. Going along the same lines a Virginia Tech research team has come up with a sugar-powered battery that has the potential to replace conventional gadget batteries in 3 year’s time. The research headed by Y.H. Percival Zhang (associate professor of biological systems engineering in the college of Agriculture and Life Sciences and College of Engineering is on the way to making a sugar powered battery system that is much cheaper, refillable and biodegradable. This new development will not only replace the current toxic batteries that pose a risk to the environment but also make gadgets like smartphones, tablets, portable music players, handheld gaming systems, smartwatches etc. cheaper and with more power reserve than before.
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FILCO’s lush green keyboard tickles palms and wrists, lets you work longer

Midori keyboard with grass by FILCO

The geek in us loved the keyboard with wooden keys and moss framework by Robbie Tilton for the simple reason that it looked so green and environmentally conscious. Now, to give that geek in us another reason to believe that there exists a green world beyond our freakin’ systems, FILCO has introduced the “Midori” – a lawn-type keyboard. Midori by the keyboard maker in Japan features a soft lush green grass like finish that tickles the palms and wrists every second the keyboard is being used. Read More…