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Project Wedge: A dedicated wall projector for your mobile devices

Project Wedge

No sirree, Project Wedge is not a project by your high school bullies! And, if you get over the name, the endeavor relates to quite an interesting conception which allows your tablet (or smartphone) display to be expanded onto a wall. Started by an Olympia (Washington) based company of the same name, the Project Wedge entails a special wedge-like contraption where you can put your tablet. You can then connect the mobile device via an HDMI cable, and voila; your tablet display is projected in a clear and crisp manner onto the wall. In simpler terms, the portable contrivance acts as dedicated projector for your mobile devices.

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Brolly rain umbrella with ergonomic handle for hassle free texting on mobile phone

Texting is something we all are addicted to doing when on the road, listening to music, studying in our room or in the office. But when the rain gods come down, you have to carry around an umbrella while texting with one hand holding the umbrella and other one on the mobile. This can be really awkward and tiring on the fingers, that is why a design team from Chicago has created the Brolly rain umbrella having an ergonomic handle which lets you use the thumb and fingers to be used as support for holding the mobile phone. Brolly is made from a very soft rubber material and the umbrella frame crafted from tough ABS plastic which can take on any wet and windy conditions no matter what.

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