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Faraday Future FF91 gives Tesla Motors some early jitters at CES 2017

Faraday Future FF91 electric car

Faraday Future has been in the news for its bold move to develop a new species of electric cars of the future. The American automotive technology company is a start-up which envisions a future dominated with powerful electric cars. We have already seen their developments, putting more emphasis on what they actually believe in. Now the company is out with a bang at CES 2017 with their powerful electric car capable of going from 0-60 in mere 2.39 seconds.
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Chrysler Portal: Semi-autonomous concept minivan to debut at CES 2017

Chrysler Portal Concept electric vehicle

Do you believe minivans carry the same old traditional aura of being boring and not so happening? Well, Fiat/Chrysler wants to change that image with its concept minivan which is all set to make a debut at CES 2017 in Las Vegas. To top it off the vehicle is all-electric and self-driving too. The company has named it ‘Portal’ going with the futuristic theme, and its overall design and look fully suggests that. The door of the minivan opens and closes like an elevator perfect for millennials.
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Lucid Motors Air – Powerful and luxurious Tesla killer in the making

Lucia Motors Air EV_1

Is it the Tesla killer in the making or just a hyped electric car which will bite the dust when it faces real world scenario? Meet Lucid Motors who have launched their super powered luxury EV at a company event in Fremont, California. This is not the first time that Lucid Motors is showing-off “Air” as they gave a glimpse of the powerful EV at LA Auto Show too. It is evident that the company not only wants to beat Tesla Motors with this future-forward venture, but also have a take on fuel-powered cars from manufacturers like BMW, Mercedes and Toyota.
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Honda shows off a tiny 3D printed, customizable electric vehicle

Honda 3D printed customizable electric vehicle

Of course 3D printed cars have become a rage in auto industry. The early ones we have seen have been from lesser known companies; therefore, when it comes from Honda, we have to stop and watch. Days after the Paris Auto Show, at the Ceatec 2016, Honda unveiled the Micro Commuter electric car – a 3D printed, customizable electric vehicle (EV). What makes the car extraordinary is the extreme automotive customization that is possible with the car. Read More…

Big Limos making a Tesla Model S Limousine and it’s coming soon

Tesla Model S Limousine by Big Limos

Tesla Motors have been delivering what they promised for couple of years now and their maiden EV, the Model S made headlines when it was initially launched and after that too. Tesla Model S has delivered all that was promised and Tesla Motors hasn’t looked back since then with over 300,000 pre-orders for the next generation Model 3. Another news related to Model S is going viral and it makes absolute sense to me. California-based Big Limos has announced that it is making a Tesla Model S Limousine and is currently in the process of modifying the EV.
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Wooden Toyota Setsuna is an all-electric roadster made to last 10 decades

Toyota Setsuna

This is something that you won’t see everyday. A wooden electric roadster that Toyota will show-off at Milan Design Week in Salone del Mobile and they call this concept car as ‘Setsuna’. Since it is made from Japanese wood, you can expect it to last for almost 100 years that is quite a lot of time to be frank. And the car carries that expression of love and care for generations with members of a family embracing that notion. The car’s name is also reminiscent of that emotion as it means “Moment” in Japanese.
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Your child can now drive Tesla model S for Kids

Radio Flyer Tesla Model S for Kids

Radio Flyer Tesla Model S for Kids

For kids these days the options for tech savvy toys is far better than what we had in our times. Electric cars specially designed for kids are popular these days and just a couple of days ago we saw the impressive Smart-Kart impress us. Now, there is an electric car for kids that will bring a smile to the faces of Tesla fans. Radio Flyer has partnered with Tesla Motors to create a Tesla Model S for Kids which is great news. This version for kids emulates quite a lot of details from its real inspiration, the Model S. That is very much evident in the design, paint color, working headlights and the charging method.
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Tesla Model 3 coming in March, but only in one variant

Tesla Model 3 sedan

Tesla Motors is going to reveal the eagerly awaited Model 3 sedan in March and alongside that we might also see another crossover car debuting by the EV manufacturer. This revelation comes courtesy Electrek who assume that the Model S sedan is going to have two separate version, one is going to be the basic sedan and the other a crossover. Maybe a mixture of Model S and Model X, but only time will tell what’s in stall for electric car lovers. In-fact as I’m writing this, a new update has come-in that Tesla has confirmed the launch of only one car in March not two.
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2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV goes 200 miles on single charge

2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV

GM Chairman and Chief Executive Mary Barra showed-off the Chevy all-electric Bolt EV prototype at CES 2016. This takes ahead the brand’s plan to foray into the lucrative electric car market and give users an affordable option as compared to the steeply priced Tesla Model S. 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV is going to be priced at $30,000 which is almost half than the Model S. Plus it can go 200 miles (320 km/h) on one single charge.
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Faraday FFZERO1 electric car concept can go 200mph

Faraday Future Faraday FFZERO1 Electric Car

Faraday Future have been working on a futuristic electric car for almost year-and-a half and we haven’t seen it past the concept design stage. At CES 2016 that has changed as California-based electric car company as they have unveiled the high-performance Faraday FFZERO1. Unlike the more practical and already raking up miles on the roads, Tesla Motors Model S and Model X SUV have the bar set for Faraday. Maybe, Faraday Future has a more far-sighted vision of the future where electric supercars will rule the roost.
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