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External HDD case automatically erases data on disk after a period

Do you like self-destructing apps and online services, per se to remove your tweets after a while or maybe delete your photographs from your profile? Well, if you do, then here is an external hard disk drive from Japanese maker Century, which comes with a self-destruct (Timed erase) feature, you are bound to like. Dubbed the Jigen (CT-25-ERP), the encrypted drive needs to be frequently accessed, if it isn’t accessed for a set period of time, the drive automatically deletes data on it. Compatible with both Mac and Windows devices, the period of data preservation on the drive can be set from the company’s website, though data cannot be preserved beyond a period of 9,999 days.

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Softbank Memory Reader & Writer to backup iPhone/iPad data wirelessly

There are so many ways to back up data from the iPhone, but the Japanese think you may just need another more to-date way to backup those important files, photo and videos and have them played back to you as and when you need. To comply, Softbank SELECTION delivers the all new ‘Wireless Memory Reader & Writer’ of the iPhone and the iPad. Equipped with Wireless LAN and a SD card slot, the device is good to store all your data from the iPhone. Weighing in at 53g, the Wireless Memory Reader & Writer can be used as a wireless external storage also.

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