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Jetman and Breitling Wingwakers seen flying together over Dubai


XDubai, a group known for recording extreme sports in 4K, has posted another incredible video showing famous Jetman Yves Rosy and his partner Vince Reffet flying over the Palm Jumeirah along with Breitling Wingwalker- group of British daredevils that are famous for performing thrilling aerobatic stunts while standing on the wings of flying biplanes. Read More…

WingBoard could let you fly amid clouds while being pulled by a plane

wingboard by Aaron Wypyszynski of Wyp Aviation

You can go wakeboarding or snowboarding anytime you want, but sadly there is no way to truly fly amid the clouds behind an aircraft. Drawing inspiration from a Wingboard showed in Talespin cartoon where an animated bear naked Kit Cloudkicker jumped onboard a wingboard to ride through the clouds behind an airborne plane; flight test engineer Aaron Wypyszynski, has designed a real-life WingBoard that would one day allow you and me to surf across the sky, while being pulled along by a plane.   Read More…