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$50 Elsewhere glass turns 2D video on iPhone into immersive 3D


Virtual reality has the potential to change gaming and entertainment forever; the only problem, VR is still pretty expensive. A new eyewear called Elsewhere wants to change that at a very nominal cost. Developed by husband and wife duo of Wendellen and Aza Raskin, Elsewhere glasses comes with a iOS app and turns any 2D video in your camera roll into an immersive 3D virtual reality footage. Read More…

Level – Stylish eyeglasses double as activity tracker

Level Eyeglasses with Activity Tracking_1

Who says wearable glasses need to be bulky and ordinary looking? VOS Global in association with University of Southern California’s (USC) Center For Body Computing has developed a tech-savvy pair of glasses which monitor your fitness. Earlier known as Project Genisis, the final version of this eyewear dubbed Level distributes the weight of embedded hardware on both the temples equally. Sensors like Bluetooth, accelerometer, gyroscope or magnetometer are all fitted inside the thick temples of this stylish eyewear.
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Researchers developing brain-controlled HMD eyewear for AR applications

HMD by korean reaseachers

A virtual reality environment where your thoughts are transformed into the intended moment like running or grabbing something. The idea sounds pretty novel, but very hard to implement since it requires complex sensors and hardware that can track the brain and muscle signals very precisely and then translate it into the required action. This reduces the delay of mimicking the moment, just like some of the exoskeletons shown in the movie Avatar.
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Sony SmartEyeglass SDK released, Google Glass better watch-out!

Sony SmartEyeglass wearable

Google Glass has had many competitors along the way of its development and the final product reveal too. Now, Google Glass is going to have even stiffer competition from renowned manufacturer like Sony, as they have announced SDK Developer Preview for the SmartEyeglass transparent lens eyewear. This SDK will ensure that there are ample platforms for this wearable to work with on its final launch (scheduled early next year) as developers get enough time to make it compatible with other hardware. The wearable glasses look like 3D glasses with 3-megapixel camera, accelerometer, gyroscope, electronic compass, stand-alone microphone and brightness sensor.
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Jins Meme – Sensory glasses warn when you feel sleepy while driving

Jins Meme glasses

Are you into the habit of driving at late nights when sleep sets in on express highways, inviting danger anytime? Or want to know your body condition without wearing those fancy gadgets that track heart rate and other things? Then you are going to love the Jins Meme glasses that measure your tiredness level, concentration and signs of sleep. This eyewear tracks your eye pupil and movement of eyes to determine your physical health and any signs of immense tiredness, thereby warning you every time the critical level is reached.

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Solar-powered sunglasses that issue alerts on your phone when misplaced

Tzukuri sunglasses

If you are a person who is too busy with things and in the habit of forgetting personal accessories in public places, then you are well of buying cheap ones. Atleast you won’t regret buying an expensive pair of sunglasses and realizing some day later that you forgot them at the park. But now you can afford that as folks over at Tzukuri have released a pair of solar-powered sunglasses that will alert you via iPhone everytime you somehow forget your sunglasses in public place. These iBeacon-powered sunglasses work with your iPhone via Bluetooth connectivity by connecting to an app and the system is intelligent enough to know when you are at home or office to not send out alerts when the two are parted away.
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PSiO audiovisual stimulation glasses boost energy levels effortlessly

PSiO Mind Booster glasses-3

If you have tried hypnosis as a method of therapy to rejuvenate yourself after a long day at work, you will definitely like the PSiO Mind Booster glasses. If you haven’t tried anything of that sort, but love the way how audiovisual sensations boost energy and productivity – you also have a reason to read on. Visor-like designed PSiO Mind Booster glasses are a basically audiovisual stimulation glasses which come with a pair of earphones and plays MP3 files synced with light stimulations to allow your brain to relax.

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SantePlus launches auto focusing opera glasses – Kabuki Glasses

opera glasses

You have to be born in Japan to own some of the freakiest gadgets and toys alright, but it turns out, you need to be in Japan to have access to the finest in eyewear too! Whether it’s about glasses with built-in HD camera to record in any direction you see or about auto-focusing opera glasses, it’s all out there in Japan. Did I mention ‘Opera Glasses’? Oops, they aren’t outdated – but even trendier for modern audience. Latest in the league are Kabuki Glasses developed by SantePlus. The Kabuki Glasses are a novel way to watch your favorite play or a game of soccer, most comfortably with both hands free to applaud. Read More…

Shwood Stone collection 2013 eyewear made from slate slab

Shywood 2013 Stone collection eyewear

Shwood (Oregon based company) is well-renowned for its wooden frame for glasses and shades has come with an all new creation that no one else could have thought of. Shwood Stone Collection is handcrafted piece of solid eyewear as it is made from slabs of slate itself with a bit of help from German engineering firm. By carefully shaping and fusing selected slabs with birch wood having hand-poured pewter as inlays, the Stone collection eyewear is surely in a league of its own. The slate comes as the base for two flagship models; Shwood Belmont having the classic panto-shaped frame with distinct keyhole bridge and the other one is Canby.
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O2Amps glasses enhance perception of skin color and read our emotions

You are in a market and suddenly a mob gathers around you, you’re uncertain of what you have done and you’re steadily turning pale yellow in fear. The next moment you realize it’s not you but the burglar behind you that the mob is coming for, you’re relived and glowing red in content again. This is how our body (skin) changes colors and how we have come to recognize each color pertaining to how oxygenated or deoxygenated our body is. Now, a team of researchers at from 2AI Labs have created what they call the O2Amps – a pair of glasses with three designs filters lighting in a different way, which they believe will enhance the wearer’s perception to this change in color of our skin (or blood physiology).

One thing I’ve feared with doctors and nurse is the prick of the vein to draw out blood testing, but with the first design filter in the glasses “vein-finders” that increase visibility of red oxygenated blood, I could be fearless, as this would allow nurses and doctors to find veins effortlessly. The next design filter is “Hemo-finders” it enhance the color difference between the blue skin (clotting of the blood) and yellowish skin (blood draining regions) which’ll make it easier for paramedics to identify injury by mere looking at the body. The third type of design filter in the glasses is “Health-monitors” which increases wearer’s ability to distinguish between yellow and blue and red and green skin colors.

The O2Amps glasses that see right through the skin (literally) are specially made for doctors and medics who rely on changes in skin color to make about 15% of their initial diagnosis. But these glasses that are presently being sold to medical distributors could soon be a common site with all of us to identify emotional cues to know who’s faking that tear or a smile, when the O2Amps makes public debut in 2013.