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Solar-powered fabric developed by University of Central Florida is bliss for wearables

Power storing fabric

With the advent of wearables, the need for battery sources that are small and compact is also paramount. The small size of wearables means the power source also needs to be of comparable size to fit inside the wearable. All of this means a constriction in battery life which is a major roadblock for current age wearables as well as the ones which are getting ready for the future. Keeping this in mind, nanotechnology researchers at the University of Central Florida have developed energy storing fabric.
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Affordable white shirt repels oil-based liquid for zero maintenance and care

The unstainable white shirt_2

Clothing manufacturers have always craved for a fabric that is hydrophobic and repels any kind of staining. White is perhaps one of the most susceptible clothing fabric that is rendered useless in case it is stained beyond cleaning. Moreover, sporting a white formal shirt or tee always exudes confidence, but it is also a dirt magnet which deters many from wearing this soothing colored clothes. A Kickstarter campaign that is on course to attaining almost 5 times the funding goal is all set to change that. This is The Unstainable White Shirt which can take any liquid or oily substance, and still manage to be squeaky clean with the wipe of a cleaning cloth.
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You’ll dream of morphing into a superhero with this magic cotton fabric coating!

Coating Turns Cotton Into Superhero worthy fabric

Till date it has not been possible to make a universal fireproof, self-healing as well as waterproof fabric which has many practical uses. All that is set to change as Chinese researchers have invented a new material which protects cotton fabric from catching fire or getting wet. The research headed by Junqi Sun from Jilin University in Changchun, China ventured on combining super-hydrophobic material with fire-retardant compounds to create one single solution that would self-heal itself after use. This solution is created from a mixture of ethanol and silsesquioxane which tuned out to be good for both. Read More…

Machine washable Solar Shirt charges your mobile devices on the go

Solar Shirt by Pauline Van Dongen

Wearable Solar Shirt fitted with 120 solar cells

There’s no doubting that wearable technology, and smart clothing in particular are the destined trends of the near future. With demanding consumers looking for embedded electronics in their everyday clothing that can make life seamless, development of such wearable devices is very much in demand. Fashion designer Pauline Van Dongen has come up with Solar Shirt as a part of her Wearable Solar Collection that juices-up your gadgets on the go. Now, that is a good use of the abundant natural source of energy, literally converting yourself into a charging station for your smartphone, tablets or MP3 players.
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Researchers develop smart fabric for wearables that senses body movement

Smart fabric developed by Kansai University and Teijin Limited

Researchers at Kansai University and Teijin Limited have developed world’s first polyactic acid (PLA) fiber and carbon-fiber-based piezoelectric fabrics for wearable applications. The fabric was on display at the world’s first Wearable Expo organized by Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd. And was held in Tokyo Big Sight, Japan. To be precise, the fabric will monitor the wearer’s movement in 3D and also generate piezoelectric current for similar applications.
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Astronauts won’t look bloated thanks to the Shrink-wrapping spacesuits

MIT shrink wrapping spacesuits

Surviving in outer space is not that easy as the astronauts have to cope up with changing atmospheric pressures and gravity level. To handle atmospheric pressure levels astronauts wear spacesuits with mechanical pressure produced by gas. But that could be soon changing as researchers at MIT headed by Dava Newman, a professor of aeronautics and astronautics and engineering systems have come up with the Shrink-wrapping spacesuits that will eliminate the need to wear bulky spacesuits. These spacesuits behave like second skin as it is a compression garment made-up of small spring-like coils and passive elastics that contract when exposed to heat.
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Flexible lithium ion battery woven into the fabric will compliment wearable tech

Flexible lithium ion battery woven into the fabric

There is no doubting the fact that wearable technology is going to rule the roost in the upcoming years and anything tech savvy that assists in taking the wearable tech to another level is going to lure in more manufacturers and independent DIYers. For example the wearable HUD glasses or smartwatches. And one technology that is going to play a big role in the propulsion of wearable tech is going to be flexible charging components that can be woven right into the fabric that one wears. A group at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology is working on a new kind of fabric that has lithium-ion battery woven right into it. The reason for developing such fabric is to provide flexibility when it comes to charging gadgets that carry the theme wearable tech.
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Spiber Qmonos – Super strong yet comfortable dress made from spider silk protein

Spiber Qmonos artificial spider fabric

You could soon be out on the streets wearing one of the strongest yet smooth and comfortable fabric all courtesy the dreaded spiders. Deemed as three times stronger than Kevlar and five times sturdier than steel; the fibroin spider silk is extracted from spider’s body by spinning wart excreting a strong fiber that is water-resistant and also has anti-bacterial properties. The applications for such a fabric are immense as it can be used to make parachute cords or even artificial blood vessels. But for now a Japanese company called Spiber of Tsuruoka, Yamagata Prefecture has demonstrated a very cool application of this new technology to produce such a fabric by making a cocktail dress of synthetic spider silk dubbed as Qmonos (meaning spider web in Japanese).
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Tangible Textural Interface sound system with interactive touch surface for music delight

Music has always been the food for pleasure and relieving your senses into seventh heaven with sound as the main component. Taking things a notch higher in interactive touch technologies like the 3D printed interactive Soundscope MIDI controller, product designer Eun Hee Jo has come up with a new kind of sound system that responds to touch of the fabric. Tangible Textural Interface (TTI) is completely made out of fabric material unlike the conventional plastic or glass materials. All this is made possible with reactive technologies that enable any normal interface with new kind of functions and new possibilities making the surface as an integrated part of the product.
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