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‘Ghostbusters’ Twitter harassment raises free speech questions

Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones

Comedian Leslie Jones had enough with Twitter and so she quit. After coming under cyber-attack from so-called internet “trolls” who sent racist, misogynistic, and threatening tweets, the Ghostbusters star decided it was time to remove herself from the social media platform that tends to thrive on the anonymity of the internet. Before closing down her account, though, Jones called out Twitter for not doing enough to protect members from harassment from other accounts. Freedom of speech, she said, has its limits.

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UK brewery IntelligentX is using AI to brew beer

AI brewed smart beer

Using Artificial Intelligence a UK-based brewery is trying to bring beer drinkers in the same room as brewers. The virtually meeting is made possible using a Facebook Messenger bot that is asking drinkers question to help evolve their beer. IntelligentX, the first brewing company to employ AI for improving its beer is a collaborative effort of two companies – machine learning company Intelligent Layer and creative agency 10x – that have developed an algorithm which processes consumer feedback received via AI bot to improve their beer. Read More…

These emoji riddles have broken the internet

emoji riddles

With new advances and apps comes new ways to enjoy games or challenge your brain, whilst having fun at the same time. The rise of the emoji can’t be denied, so it was only a matter of time before they found a new use – other than simply expressing the feelings or opinions of someone when they’re sending a WhatsApp, Facebook or other form of message. Emoji riddles (such as this London Underground riddle which drove everyone crazy last year) are keeping people guessing. If you’d prefer not to be stumped like everyone else, you can see how a more simple formation works here.

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Facebook Live video streaming feature coming soon to your device

Facebook Live video streaming feature

Facebook has just launched a new feature to Facebook Live to some users which allows for live video streaming in groups or events. Yes, Mark Zuckerberg has been pretty obsessed with this feature to allow the users freedom to share moments instantly with friends and family. More so, you can react instantly to all the comments and feel as if they are present with you. Facebook Live was launched in August 2015 for a handful of celebrities like The Rock, Ashley Tisdale and Serena Williams. Later it was expanded to media companies and verified page users. Facebook is even paying celebrities and media companies to use the service in order to increase its popularity. Now the feature is going to roll out for public and that is great news.
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Facebook-BSNL partnership brings free internet access to remote regions of India

Facebook breaking news app-1

Facebook is aiming to bring internet to every possible living person in this world, and in this quest is working at the very grass root level to make things happen. In their latest vision to bring free internet to the remote villages of India, Facebook has partnered with local telecom provider BSNL to sponsor 100 Wi-Fi hotspots in the Western and South regions of India to start with. This contract between Facebook and BSNL will run for 3 years and based on the success another 2 year extension is on the cards. This project also coincides perfectly with the Indian government’s ‘Digital India’ drive which is good news for Indian IT industry.
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Facebook secretly working on a virtual reality 360-degree video app

Facebook virtual reality video app

Mark Zuckerberg strongly believes that virtual reality is the future of computing platforms and there is no doubting that. Probably for that very reason Facebook is developing a stand-alone video app under cover that has virtual reality stamped all over it. According to Wall Street Journal, this app will have 360-degree or spherical videos which will be a collection of stitched videos compiled from multiple cameras, thereby allowing users to change their FOV (Field of View) just by tilting the phone in any direction.
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Facebook working on its own Twitter-style breaking news app

Facebook breaking news app-1

To help small and medium size business grow, social networking giant Facebook rolled out ‘Facebook for Business’ – company’s initiative to provide news, advertisement tips and reach people that matter. Under the program, rumors have it; Facebook is working on a Twitter-like standalone breaking news app, which will send news alerts right to a user’s phone. Citing a source close to Facebook for Business, Business Insider notes that few companies/publications have been selected by Facebook to test the app. Read More…

Facebook partners with Group M to initiate mega online shopping festival

Facebook online shopping festival

India is the country of festivals and one of the best destination for online giants to create their footprint. Facebook has a user base of 11.2 crore users in the country and to cash-in the excitement of online shopping for the 69th Independence Day and Hindu festival of Raksha Bandhan, the social-networking giant has some plans. Partnering with media agency conglomerate GroupM, Facebook will launch “Tied Together” an online shopping bonanza from August 12 to August 29.
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Facebook can know your age, gender and location from how you laugh in text messages

Facebook knows your age and location from laughter style in message

If you thought laughter in text [hehe, haha, lols and emoji) you send out to friends over Facebook was meaningless, be informed it is actually useful for the social networking giant. To analyze how useful it can be, Facebook scrutinized posts and comments through last week of May. From the survey, Facebook’s data team found that like in real life, people laugh differently in texts too; and that this laughter is an ever-evolving story. The findings also reveal that kind of laughter you send – hehe, haha, lol or emoji, says a lot about your age, gender and geographical location. Read More…

Facebook’s solar-powered UAV that beams free internet is finally complete

Facebook Aquila UAV free internet

Facebook has been working on a project that deems to provide free internet via drones, and now in fresh developments social-networking giant has more on it. The solar-powered drone codenamed “Aquila” designed by Facebook’s aerospace team in UK is finally complete. Having a wingspan of a Boeing 737, the UAV will be tested in a remote region for 90 days, where it will beam down internet connectivity from a distance of 60,000-90,000 feet above the ground.
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