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3D printed ‘Awelectric’ jacket stimulates goosbumps to induce positive mood

3d printed goosebump jacket

Sensoree has already rolled out many tech-saturated fashion accessories, and now it has come up with one more, dubbed as Awelectric- a 3D printed jacket that creates tingly sensation we call goosebumps. Inspired by UC Berkely study that suggests goosebumps induce positive moods in people and funded by MU Artspace in the Netherlands, designer Kristin Neidlinger surrounded herself with technology, 3D Print, sound and design experts for assistance to make it real. Read More…

SoSolo sneakers download social media info, emit colors to match your personality traits

sosolo sneakers 7
Invasion of advanced electronics into fashion accessories is heading toward unknown future. Conglomerate of fabric and electronics has already earned itself the label “Smart Clothing”. A couple of years ago, smart clothing would have meant generating electricity using piezoelectric material or fitness trackers and sensors to collect data, but now, the scenario has moved on to another level – giving your accessories the ability to download and analyze data from social networks in order to respond in social settings. Read More…

CuteCircuit fashion accessories change their visual patterns via iPhone app

CuteCircuit fashion accessories

Yesterday, we talked about how the realm of electronics is making its presence felt across the fashion world, with Nokia’s interactive Smart Skirt making its debut in the London Fashion Week. And following this instinct, we go across the Atlantic to take a look at the electronic ‘inspired’ designs to be showcased at the New York Fashion Week. Fortunately, we have stumbled across the CuteCircuit, a series of fashion accessories with dynamic color and image changing patterns. These alterations in aesthetics are remarkably controlled by a dedicated iPhone app. So in essence, the visual scale of the wearables is regulated by a remote application with internet and social media connectivity.

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