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Real custom-made sweaters for drones by Danielle Baskin

Drone sweaters

Danielle Baskin, a visual artist, has turned a joke into reality. A theme that is questionable if seen with expectation of utility- sweaters for drones to keep them warm and save battery in winters or in cold conditions. The maker is offering custom-made sweaters for those who believe in rights and quality of life of machines. The sweaters are made in different parts to fit perfectly on specific models. Read More…

Is Neclumi projection-based interactive necklace, jewelry of the future?

Neclumi projection-based necklace

Personally speaking, I don’t think anyone would be willing to trade gold and other precious metals for light; at least not in the near future. But, this is exactly what an ambitious jewelry project from a Polish design and art group panGenerator is demanding from us. panGenerator has designed Neclumi – a projection-based interactive necklace, believing projection-based jewelry and wearable devices could be the future. Read More…

Stylish charger and notification bracelets from Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff wearable tech bracelet

Wearable technology is the new trend in fashion. When just about every single manufacturer in the fashion and gadget world is aiming to deliver the best accessory – what sells will depend largely upon how beautiful it looks. Keeping the idea in objective, Rebecca Minkoff has teamed up with Case-Mate to develop stylish tech-embedded accessory. The duo has developed a pair of bracelets – one of the bracelets is an unfolding phone charger, while the other is a customary bracelet which connects with your smartphone and vibrates when the phone receives a notification. Read More…

Students invent nail polish that changes color on detecting date rape drugs

Students invent Nail polish to detect date rape drug

Date rape drugs are used to make sexual assaults easy. And there is very little women can do to safe guard themselves against it. To help empower women to protect themselves from the heinous crime, a team of college students have invented a nail polish which changes color to detect any commonly used date rape drug in their drink. It is certainly not a solution to the problem, but it surely is a precautionary way to help women safeguard themselves against this silently persuasive crime. Read More…

CES 2014: Venice-based GlassUp showcase first prototype of their AR glasses

GlassUp AR glasses

Back in July of last year, we harped about the Indiegogo funded GlassUp AR glasses with their touted ability to sync with your smartphone, and read emails, social media posts and messages. In short, it was one of the main competitors to Google Glass. And, now with CES 2014 in full swing, the creators had the opportunity to showcase the prototype of the GlassUp. As many of you might have deduced from the top image, we are sorely disappointed with the specimen. Almost looking of those unwieldy eye-oriented tools from the optometrist’s office, the design in its current state is oddly crude, to say the least. Of course, these augmented reality glasses are still in their prototype stage, which certainly leaves plenty room for form-factor improvement.

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