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Electric car completely destroys Ferrari in a drag race [video]

I don’t believe me saying this, but it’s so damn true – there is an electric supercar faster than a petrol powered LaFerrari (one of the fastest cars in the world). Along with all of us, this came as a surprise to British racing driver Archie Hamilton, who had heard about the Rimac Concept One by Croatian car manufacturer Rimac Automobili, but didn’t know how fast this world’s first electric supercar could go; at least not as fast as a Ferrari, common! Read More…

Solar-powered Ferrari beer cooler spotted at F1 British Grand Prix

solar powered Ferrari beer cooler at Silverstone

Lewis Hamilton was the biggest attraction on the track on race day at Silverstone – the Mercedes driver set a new record to become first driver in history to win three British Grand Prix in as many years. But the biggest attraction outside the track was a Ferrari. A group of beer and F1 fanatics had brought their solar-powered Ferrari-shaped beer cooler along to Silverstone to enjoy their refreshments in the best possible taste. Read More…

Ferrari Theme Park coming to North America

Ferrari theme park

Good news for Ferrari fans has just come in as Bloomberg has hinted that the automaker has plans to make a theme park in North America. This is not the first time that Ferrari has ventured out of its automotive domain and licensed theme parks with the brand name. In 2012 they opened their first ever theme park in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi and another one is under construction in PortAventura Resort, Spain. Yet another one is being announced in mainland China’s primary city, and it is going to be built in partnership with Beijing Automotive Group, a Chinese state-run automaker.
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Amazingly gorgeous rare cars from RM Sotheby’s record 2015 auction

1964 Porsche 356SC Cabriolet

1964 Porsche 356SC Cabriolet

At their global headquarters in Manhattan, RM Sotheby’s recently concluded a record 2015 auction season with over 73.5 million in sales. At the exclusively culminated ‘Driven by Disruption’ event, 31 pioneering rare cars were on display – cars that revived New York’s love for all things gramour, cars and sex appeal. I couldn’t pretend to be level headed seeing the exclusive pictures of some of the most gorgeous cars on display listed on The Verge, and I wanted to share them with our readers here. Read More…

Apple iPhone 6S Vs. Ferrari 458 Italia – Durability test of epic proportions

iPhone 6s vs Ferrari 458 Italia

Apple has made sure that iPhone 6S is much stronger than its predecessors, and all the gruesome testing has proved it right. But strength of iPhone 6S was slated to be tested to the limits by crazy people in this crazy little world. A Ukrainian guy has been doing some crazy experiments with gadgets and technology since 2009 and it was only time before he took iPhone 6S to the extreme torcher. Want to know how strong iPhone 6S actually is? Watch the video that follows and you’ll be surprised, guaranteed!
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Lego Ferrari F40 with removable V8 engine is bliss for supercar and Lego fans

Lego Ferrari F40 with removable V8 engine

Lego Ferrari F40 designed by Michael Psiaki

The most iconic supercar of the late 1980s with a style revolution when we talk of dynamic design is most definitely Ferrari F40. So Lego Creator teamed-up with Ferrari to build a Lego replica of the F40 supercar that was personally approved by Enzo Ferrari. To make it look exactly like the real car, designer Michael Psiaki used 1,158 Lego pieces and some custom made parts like the windshield, wheel rim inserts, bows that represent the pillars that support roof of the car and headlights.
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Lego F1 RC car inspired by Ferrari 248 makes me fall in love once again!

Lego Technic RC F1 Car by sariel

Lego Technic RC F1 Car by Sariel

Lego enthusiast Sariel is a pro when it comes to making replicas of automotive things, and his long list of DIY Lego projects proves the point all-right. This time he has invested his time in making a Lego Technic RC F1 Car, a replica of the very famous Ferrari 248 F1 car from 2006 Formula-1 season that was driven by the legend Michael Schumacher. Sariel who’s not that much of a Formula-1 fan, admitted that while making this Lego project he could not exactly replica the car, but also said that it is pretty close to the real thing.
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Aerodynamic Art – Fabian Oefner sprays Ferrari California T with UV paint

Fabian Oefner sprays Ferrari California T with UV paint

When art meets exquisite design with a twist of technology, then magic happens. What you are about to see is completely whimsical as Fabian Oefner (renowned artist from Switzerland) makes Ferrari California T Grand Touring convertible his canvas. Combined with the visually appealing properties of UV paint and the aerodynamic design of Ferrari California T, Fabian managed to amaze everyone with his unique art. As a part of the State of the Art project that looks into the science behind every phenomenon related to autos, this one came out brilliantly.
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Special edition Ferrari 458 Speciale A to debut at Paris Motor Show 2014

Ferrari 458 Speciale A sports car

If you are planning to visit the Paris Motor Show 2014, then watch-out for the Ferrari 458 Speciale A (Aperta which means open in English) limited edition special series sports roadster. Ferrari has announced Ferrari 458 Speciale A as a celebration for the success of its various 458 versions. Clearly, this Ferrari is for the most avid 499 collectors, as it has the most powerful and eco-friendly V8 engine under the hood capable of 605 cv (135 cv/l specific power output) and 540 Nm of torque at 6000 rpm with just 275 g/km of CO2 emissions. Meaning, it can go from 0-100 km/h in 3.0 seconds flat!

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