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MySight360 – A hands-free, 4K VR camera with 240° fisheye lens

mysight360 camera 2
A team of self-claimed tech-savvy engineers is currently inviting backers for their crowdfunding campaign. In return, they are offering the “MySight360” – a hands-free, high-definition VR camera with 240 degree frame. It can record videos on 4K quality and connect to user’s smartphone with a simple app via built-in WiFi. User can quickly edit the videos to share on social media or can go live as well. It reminds us of Frodo developed by India-based Next Gear.  Read More…

Ricoh Omnidirectional dual fish eye lens camera shoots 360 degree panoramas in one shot

Panoramic images always intrigue us all and if one can take 360 degree high quality panoramas then it would be perfect icing on the cake. Ricoh has developed an Omnidirectional camera that takes 360 degree photo in one shot owing to its two fish eye lenses each covering 180 degree of the view. Taking a leap from conventional DSLR and compact cameras; this camera combines the two images and send it over to your smartphone, tablet or other gadgets via WiFi for a view that is unparalleled. You can look in any direction of the image just as if you were looking in the real world situation and when zoomed out completely it looks like a 3 dimensional sphere.
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