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Team Pro Shirt – Polar’s brand new smart fitness wearable to arrive in March

polar-pro-shirt 2
Polar brand has announced its new smart fitness wearable named the Team Pro Shirt that would be launched in March this year. The shirt features network of built-in sensors and it’s basically a fitness tracking system that combines GPS and motion tracing technology with heart rate monitoring that would make it more efficient to track player performance in team sports. The wearer will be supported with relevant data like heart rate, speed, and acceleration. Entire data is transported to iPad with the help of an accompanying application called the Polar Team Pro. Read More…

Boltt fitness tracker comes with AI-based personal coach

Boltt fitness tracker

These days, the market is flooded with new age health and fitness equipment which promise to make you smarter. But do they all work, as they are portrayed to? That is something which forces the user to give up on such wearables over time. All the data collected from fitness trackers, sleep trackers or other wearables is of no use if it means nothing much to you. To change this, a sports technology startup has something that’s a tad different from the rest.
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Samsung Gear IconX wireless earbuds with fitness tracking capabilities are worth it

Samsung Gear IconX wireless earbuds_2

While Samsung’s Gear Fit 2 is meant for the serious fitness freaks, the company has an accessory for casual fitness lovers too. Samsung Gear IconX wireless earbuds look funky, but are they good enough for the price? Well, that you’ll have to decide after reading about these earbuds meant for urban lifestyle. Unlike the Earity wireless earbuds, these are compact and well designed, but not as compact as the Earin wireless earbuds. IconX earbuds play music, act as your personal coach, monitor your heartbeat, count the calories burnt and counts your runs/steps. So, Samsung is clearly offering an accessory that assists in most of your daily life chores.
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LumiDiet – Smart diet belt offers effortless weight loss with Light Therapy

Lumidiet 4

We just finished talking about what sounds to be a magical clothing line that stimulates rapid weight loss by tricking the mind to burn more calories. Now, we have another wearable product offering effortless weight loss in LumiDiet. LumiDiet belt is developed by DoubleH, a member company of Kict Born2Global. This wearable belt uses LED light technology (Light Therapy) to break down and burn abdominal fat cells in human body. You just need to wear it for 30 minutes twice a day to lose weight.  Read More…

Thin Ice clothing line assures rapid weight loss without any workout

Thin ice 6
A startup has pitched a clothing line on crowdfunding website Indiegogo and claims that it can help you lose fat just by wearing Jacket, pants, socks, undershirt or specially designed sole for shoes. The maker explains that the project ‘Thin Ice’ tricks the body to burn more calories by lowering temperature of the body using special chips embedded in the clothing line. The apparel uses patent-pending technology wherein thermo receptors of body sense reduction in body temperature. To maintain body temperature, mind boosts metabolism to produce more heat, resulting in burning of more calories. Thin Ice boasts burning 500-1,000 calories per day by simply wearing one of these accessories. Read More…

World’s first 3D fitness tracker by Naked Labs now available for $499

3D Body scanner for fitness

One reason electronics are making fitness nuts crazy is the availability of apps and sensors integrated into portable devices to keep correct record of fitness data. Naked is world’s first of its kind 3D fitness tracker that resembles a common full-length mirror, but it has replaced simple mirror with a 3D scanner mirror. The scanner features bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity and a companion mobile app for iOS and Android users. Read More…

Researchers develop sweat analyzing wearable for precise health monitoring

Sweatbit wearable health monitor

Sweat can tell lot about a person’s health and quite often we ignore the signs like constant odor or color in sweat. According to experts sweat contains chemicals, electrolytes, proteins and heavy metals which when studied can reveal a person’s internal health as well as hydration levels. Researchers at University of California, Berkley have developed a sensor-enabled wearable which analyses person’s sweat and based on it gives health stats and also physiology insights. That means tracking of body functions in depth, and the use of this wearable will span beyond fitness tracking. It will be used in medical field to know about patient’s body functions in detail.
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Nadi Smart Fitness Pants act as your personal yoga instructor

Nadi Smart Fitness Pants_2

Yoga is a great way to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul when done with proper technique. Doing it under the close eye of a yoga instructor is all good, but when you want to practice yoga postures at home there is no one to correct your posture in case it is wrong. Wearable Experiments is here to help you in correcting yoga postures and reap maximum benefit from your fitness routine. They have released Nadi Smart Fitness Pants which are loaded with electronic sensors to give you haptic feedback via vibrations to achieve the correct posture. In effect, these skin embracing pants are your virtual yoga guru guiding you towards the right way to achieve yogic bliss.
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Smart dumbbells count your reps and track calorie count during workout

Bowflex SelectTech 560 Dumbbells at CES 2016

As far as we know, the world loves gadgets that can do all the tracking and keep you abreast your fitness routines. Fitness trackers are good, heart rate monitors are even better and smartwatches are obviously stealing the limelight. So why not have a pair of dumbbells which do all the counting for you and keep you on track for goals? Bowflex thinks along the same lines and has revealed a pair of dumbbells which counts every rep you’ve done and the weight lifted for your fitness regime. Bowflex SelectTech 560 Dumbbells were shown-off at CES 2016 in Las Vegas and yes you guessed it right, they are smartphone connected via an app.
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Smart Bra keeps you motivated for health and fitness goals

OmBra health tracking wearable_1

We’ll be seeing a lot of fashion forward wearable tech stuff at CES 2016. And of those, most are going to be fitness and health trackers. Just before the mega tech event a Canada-based company has revealed a smart sports bra that gets the most out of your fitness routine. This bra has sensor-enabled tech fitted in the lower band which does everything from tracking heart rate and breathing rhythm to the number of calories burned during workout.
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