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Team Pro Shirt – Polar’s brand new smart fitness wearable to arrive in March

polar-pro-shirt 2
Polar brand has announced its new smart fitness wearable named the Team Pro Shirt that would be launched in March this year. The shirt features network of built-in sensors and it’s basically a fitness tracking system that combines GPS and motion tracing technology with heart rate monitoring that would make it more efficient to track player performance in team sports. The wearer will be supported with relevant data like heart rate, speed, and acceleration. Entire data is transported to iPad with the help of an accompanying application called the Polar Team Pro. Read More…

How smartphones and wearable technology are influencing medical science

Wearable technology medical science and mobile devices

Gone are the days when we relied on medical practitioners for acquainting ourselves with knowledge on any kind of medical problem. Let alone any guidance on medical problems, now the pendulum is fast shifting towards technology aided healthcare. With mobile devices like smartphones at your disposal, getting medical diagnosis and medical treatment is going to be more than just a consultation with the doctor.

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Jawbone UP MOVE fitness tracker for just $50

Jawbone Up Move

Jawbone is out with their affordable fitness tracker called UP MOVE that comes at a great price of $49.99 targeted for the lower end of the market. Jawbone UP MOVE fitness hardware looks like a plastic wristband with LED light rim that indicates the daily progress just by the push of a button. And not to forge that the tracker has user-replaceable coin-cell battery that lasts for almost 6 months. This water-resistant fitness tracking band is at the lower end of Jawbone’s product lineup and aims to increase the user-base.
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WMC 2014: Smart Sensing Digital Shirt takes body fitness to the next level

Smart Sensing technology

Cityzen Sciences, a French company along with a consortium of other companies has come up with a smart textile shirt called Smart Sensing Digital Shirt which is capable of sensing the person’s temperature, sleep pattern, heart rate, speed and acceleration. Embedded with micro-sensors the fabric of Smart Sensing Digital Shirt is tailor-made for sports activities and fitness regimes. Smart Sensing Digital Shirt was shown-off at the Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona, Spain where people got the chance to see how this wearable technology application really worked.
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