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Microsoft Band 2 is slimmer, curvier and more fitness oriented

Microsoft Band 2

Alongside other devices such as Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book, Microsoft unveiled its refined Microsoft Band. Microsoft Band 2 which is the next version of the Microsoft Band we saw a few months back. The new model has a curved AMOLED display capped Corning Gorilla Glass 3. Designed to promote people to live healthier, the Microsoft Band 2 tracks heart rate, exercise regime, calories data and sleep quality to help wearer achieve their fitness goal. The Band also allows the wearer to be productive and send or receive emails and text and check for calendar alerts right on the wrist. Read More…

Acer Liquid Leap+, smartwatch-style fitness wearable is now available in US

Acer Liquid Leap+ fitness wearable-2

Are you looking for a smartwatch-style wearable fitness tracker to complement your active lifestyle? If yes, then thank Acer for launching its incredibly lightweight, easy to use health monitoring Liquid Leap+ wearable fitness tracker in the United States. The exciting wrist wearable Liquid Leap+ features ultra-slim 1-inch OLED touchscreen (to navigate through feature), interchangeable bands and syncs across all platforms including, Android, iOS and Windows. Attached with band, the Liquid Leap+ weighs as light as 18g, and it is selling for a special price of $79.99 in the U.S. (original price $99). Read More…

Moov Now fitness wearable assists you through activities with AI coach

Moov Now fitness wearable-1

The world of wearable devices is steadily populating with wearable fitness trackers that provide feedback in form of data. Moov Now, the one-of-its-kind multi-sports wearable coach uses Artificial Intelligence to coach you through your fitness regime, and promises to be a lot different to the currently available options. Described as the world’s most advanced fitness wearable by it makers, Move Now talks to you as you workout, in addition to doing all data tracking activities that other off the shelf wearable fitness devices do. Read More…

LEO: The most intelligent fitness wearable

LEO fitness wearable

There are lots of fitness wearable devices to attract the customers on the market. However, most of them does not provide detailed health data besides heart rate monitor and calorie updates. Therefore, for those who want an intelligent health solution in form of a wearable device, an Ontario based company has launched the LEO fitness device. Monitoring your bio-signals, LEO gives you a deeper level of insight than any other fitness wearable available.
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