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SanDisk Ultra Fit USB 3.0 Flash Drive can transfer a movie in 40 seconds

SanDisk Ultra Fit USB 3.0 Flash Drive

Manufacturer of flash memory storage solutions and software, American multinational company SanDisk Corporation have announced the release of their new high speed SanDisk Ultra Fit USB 3.0 Flash Drive. Delivering exceptional performance in a tiny form factor, the flash drive is designed to be a strong contender in the “plug and stay” category. A successor to the well liked Cruzer Fit USB flash drive, the new product comes with a modern look, compact design, superior performance and an impressive storage capacity.
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CES 2014: LaCie Culbuto Flash Drive springs back up when knocked down


Are you sick of misplacing your USB drives on a messy desk? LaCie may have just revealed an answer to your woes at CES 2014. Designed by French designer Constance Guisset, the LaCie USB flash drive is dubbed the Culbuto (French for a toy with weighted base that keeps vertical even when knocked down). LaCie Culbuto flash drive features a hefty solid spherical metal base which keeps the USB drive upright when not in use. When not connected to a computer, the LaCie Culbuto flash drive bobs side to side on being pocked, so it never topples over and you never lose it. Read More…

Sony’s 2-in-one USB acts as extra storage space for smartphones

Sony USB flash drive

Ever felt the need for some extra space when taking photos or making videos on your smartphone or tablet? That frustration when you are in a fix to delete some data to accommodate some space for shooting more photographs or videos. Sony is all set to change that as they have revealed a 2-in-1 USB flash drive with dual micro USB and USB 2.0 connectors for sharing, storing and moving personal content. Compatible with almost every Android 4.0.3 (or later) powered smartphone, the USB drive comes in 8, 16, 32 GB options with further option to choose the cap color. It also comes with USB On-the-Go (OTG) function to allow portable devices to act as host when connected to other USB peripherals.

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Chopard’s Caliber USB 01.01-L limited edition 8GB USB drive

Chopard Caliber USB 01.01-L

We’ve seen so many USB drives of various styles and designs but when we come across a new one, there is hardly any that catches the eye. Yes, Iron Man 3 hand flash drive did grip our souls but the 8GB USB by Swiss luxury watch manufacturer, Chopard is something that isn’t strikingly appealing, but distinct in its form for sure.  Made from rhodium plated brass the USB drive dubbed Caliber USB 01.01-L is engraved with its name and storage capacity on the outside. Measuring as little as 39 mm in diameter the USB dive is shaped like the case of a watch (sans the movement).

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Marvel Avengers Iron Man 3 hand flash drive

Marvel Avengers Iron Man 3 flash drive

Iron Man 3 movie is going to be released today and in the buildup to this highly anticipated action sequel to the earlier Iron Man movies we featured the incredible Iron Man Suit created by a 17 year old. To go with the flow today we present the Marvel Avengers Iron Man 3 the modeling flash drive – Mark 6 classic 16 GB and the Iron Man 3 series right hand armor (16 GB or 8 GB version) which are authorized by Disney Marvel. The flash drive is made from brushed metal armor (for right hand armor) and metal mask zinc alloy (for the Mark 6).
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Analyze room temperature in real time on your PC with Temper USB connection

Temperatures are getting low by the day as winter season sets in you need to keep abreast the room temperature to have an idea of when it is going to snow. That is just one of the scenario of measuring room temperature and you can use this USB drive with in-built temperature meter for other situations as well. Once you connect the Temper USB to your PC/laptop the preloaded software installed from a CD (provided with the package) runs and then it gives feed of the current temperature measuring anywhere from -55 degrees to +125 degrees. The overall weight of the USB drive is 36 g and is priced at 799 Yen ($10).
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Recyclable Paper USB drive is definitely the future

Having seen a host of USB drives in all sorts of shapes, sizes and designs, good enough to fit into any regular USB slot on a laptop or a computer, we never thought paper USB drives were feasible. But the reality may have something much different to offer if Indiegogo project of Intellipaper, gunning for $300,000 in crowd funding, takes off as desired. The project by Intellipaper indends to design a USB drive from paper – for real! They plans to roll out a USB drive with a memory chip embedded in a sheet of paper. Read More…