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CES 2017: POP-I backpack having e-ink flexible display is what the new generation needs

POP-I backpack

Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas has become the center stage for showcasing new technology, innovations and ideas that were unheard of before. This year at the electronics show so far, we have seen many eye-popping things. But this one was never even on our mind until we saw it. A backpack with an e-paper display to display the photo you like and show it off to the world. POP-I backpack has a 4.7-inch/10-inch e-paper screen and comes with a price tag of $99 – $399. Also, the accessory is available in canvas or leather make.
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HoloFlex – Holographic smartphone with flexible display to be revealed at ACM CHI 2016

Holoflex smartphone

Aren’t you desperate about the upcoming ACM CHI human-computer interaction conference to be held in San Joes, starting from May 9, 2016? You should be, because the event will unveil important clues on how fast we would be using those holographic, 3D human-computer interaction displays. For instance, Android5.1-based HoloFlex – first of its kind holographic mobile device developed by a team of researchers at Queen’s University in Canada will be unveiled at the event along with many other innovative developments in this field.
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Sharp’s bendable OLED display might feature in future Apple iPhones

Sharp flexible OLED display

Envisioning foldable smartphones and bendable displays as the next juncture in gadget technology, many electronic companies are investing their R&D in developing such technology. Sharp is the latest company to have come-up with a prototype 3.4-inch bendable OLED display which can be used in smartphones and other wearable gadgets in the coming years. Sharp has developed this foldable display having IGZO (indium-gallium-zinc oxide) energy-saving panel technology at the facility in Tenri, Nara Prefecture.
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MWC 2016: Flexible display bracelet gives a sneak-peak of the future

FlexEnable flexible display bracelet_1

Rollable and bendable display gadgets are going to rule the coming future and we got to see one more wearable proving that all right. This is FlexEnable’s prototype 4.7-inch organic LCD flexible display which wraps around on your wrist to show all the vital information you need to be abreast with. The UK-based company has partnered with Chunghwa Picture Tube to develop such kind of OLED displays and this one is one of them. The bracelet sits on your wrist and for now the prototype displays a demo of the technology which aims bring all the needed applications on your wrist.
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ReFlex is the world’s first flexible display smartphone

ReFlex flexible smartphone

Flexible displays have been under development for quite some time now and we’ve seen working prototypes of a full-fledged rollable display by LG at CES 2016. Taking things to the next level is Queen’s University Human Media Lab who have developed the world’s first multi-touch high-resolution and wireless flexible smartphone. First of its kind, the smartphone is dubbed as ReFlex, and being true to its name, this phone uses haptic bend input to provide simulated experience while interacting with apps. That makes it a flexible smartphone with a completely new way of using apps by providing bending gestures.
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Polyera’s Wove Band with bendable glass display wraps around the wrist

Polyera Wove Band

It’s 2015 and we still don’t have truly bendable displays amid us. Come 2016 we could have gadgets which don’t just curve but are flexible enough to bend, twist and even roll up like a yoga mat. All thanks to Chicago-based start-up called Polyera which has been developing slap-on bracelet-like Wove Band, which has a flexible display that can be wrapped around the wrist. Polyera has spent last 10 years trying to build this really useful display, which could change the way electronic devices are made today. Read More…

LG’s 55-inch flexible wallpaper OLED display is just 0.97mm thick

LG 55 inch wallpaper OLED display

LG has been putting in lot of R&D into developing flexible displays of the future. And no wonder it is at the fore-front of bendable displays, as was apparent from its 18-inch flexible transparent display. Now, they have taken this technology further ahead with an unbelievably thin 55-inch wallpaper OLED display which was revealed at a company event in Seoul yesterday.
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Soft keyboard for smartwatch lets you send text from the wrist

Soft keyboard for wearables by Universitat Politècnica de València and University of Stuttgart

What is the most important feature of wearable gadgets like smartwatches or fitness trackers? Their size, the smaller the better. Although wearables like smartwatches have a small screen size area to read notifications and alerts, they lack any input method like sending back an email. This has prompted researchers from Universitat Politècnica de València and University of Stuttgart to design two different soft keyboards that can be used with wearables. The researchers presented their prototype soft keyboards at ACM conference on Human Factors in Computer Systems (CHI 2015) held in Seoul, Korea.
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LG’s bendable smartphone could be unveiled at CES 2015

LG bendable phone

LG bendable phone

It has been a year since LG launched its curved screen phone, the G Flex. Since then a lot a happened in the curved screen market with the agonizing Bendgate issue haunting Apple. Now taking some positive cues from the whole fiasco, LG has got plans for launching a bendable phone in the early part of 2015, most probably at the CES. This comes as a refreshing news for the smartphone market which is going to be followed by rollable and folding phones!
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