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Flexy-Hand is a 3D printed prosthetic hand with stretchable artificial tendons

Flexy hand prosthetic hand

Prosthetic hands give the unfortunate people who have lost their limb in accident or those who have some deformity from birth, a new lease of life as they thank technology for making their life normal. In the past few months we have seen lots of prosthetic hands developed by geeks who want to change the world for better and some have even provided open source information on how others can improve and make a better version of their prosthetic hands. Combining the possibilities of 3D printing and robotic hand, Steve Wood has made his own version of a prosthetic hand known as Flexy-Hand that looks amazingly close to what a real hand would be like. It took only 20 hours to 3D print this open source prosthetic hand after a day’s design routine.
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