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Arduino controlled LifeBeam Flight Simulator made by high school kid

LifeBeam Flight Simulator

Are you always intrigued by the fact that how it would be to fly an airplane? Or to get head over control of all the airplane cockpit controls? Then a flight simulator is exactly what you need to experience if in case you are not able to fulfill your life-long dream of flying an airplane yourself. And one geek bloke did just that but the only difference is, he made it himself rather than buying a flight simulator that will cost you a fortune. LifeBeam Flight Simulator made by Dominick Lee, high school student who is and avid programmer and avails his time in making new things. With help from his physics professor Dr. Bert Pinsky and donation from Karl Anderson, CEO Teco Pneumatics to purchase all the parts needed for the DIY project; Dominick constructed this amazing Arduino based pneumatic flight simulator himself.
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Advanced flight simulator created from rusting 1968 Boeing 737 deserves some accolades

Have a look at this chopped off Boeing 737 nose refurbished into one realistic looking flight simulator fitted with all the working controls, dials, monitors and of course the flight simulator software. This ordeal was taken up by air traffic controller and pilot James Price who bought a rusting nose section of 1968 Boeing 737 weighing 1,134 kg for a sum of US $1,500 and after getting rid of the left over equipment Price and his team installed original 737 components (like throttle pedestal unit, control display unit, data interfaces and panels) for a very real aircraft feel.
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An old plane sacrifices its life to become a Battlestar Galactica Viper simulator

With latest off the shelf computing technologies and updated flight simulator software, to build your own flight simulator has become an easy task. But, if we talk about making a life size rig that matches the performance of its professional counterparts, then we need to think twice. Accepting the challenge, five The Bay School teenagers are building their own Battlestar Galactica Viper simulator. The crew is making use of a fuselage of an old Piper PA-28 plane which they have mounted on a motion control platform that can rotate 30 degrees on both the pitch and roll axes.
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