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CES 2017: FLIR Duo R thermal imaging camera for drones

FLIR thermal camera

FLIR, the experts in making thermal imaging cameras have come-up with their next line-up of new age cameras at CES 2017. The noticeable one is FLIR Duo which is a thermal imaging camera for GoPro. FLIR’s idea is to open-up a way for people to capture breathtaking visuals reading the thermal signature of the terrain being filmed. You can use it to shoot volcanos, crowded cities or maybe even a raging fire in a forest to report the hottest zones to help authorities take the appropriate action.
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Scout BTS Bi-Ocular Thermal Night Vision Camera

For hardcore outdoor enthusiasts and adventure junkies who want to have a thermal camera to keep track of hiking or hunting parties in the darkest of nights, see animals in the densest of fog, navigate in dense smoke and want to have goodness of night vision cameras all in one; nothing can be better than Scout BTS Bi-Ocular Thermal night vision camera. As comfortable as a set of binoculars, this thermal vision camera has a full coverage eyepiece, inter-ocular adjustment, ergonomic comfort, straightforward controls and interchangeable quick disconnect lenses for the best viewing experience. Specifically designed for fish and game officers, forest service rangers, fire lookouts, search & rescue, ranch management, professional guides, expert outdoorsmen and trackers, this piece of equipment will never let you go astray even in the most adverse conditions.
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