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Finally SpaceX tastes success, Falcon 9 takes-off and lands flawlessly

Space X Falcon 9 successful launch and landing_1

SpaceX at last tasted success in Florida as Falcon 9 rocket managed to take-off, separate from the second stage booster and then landed back on base without any flaws. This is the third time SpaceX tried to do so and coming on the back of two unsuccessful attempts this one surely tastes sweet. First time the rocket exploded on impact and in the second attempt too it damaged the landing gear. Elon Musk was elated by this event and expressed how 13 years of SpaceX seem more meaningful now.
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11-year-old invents an advanced version of flood resistant sandbag

Peyton Robertson's version of sandbag

Age was never a barrier for practical inventions. 11-year-old Peyton Robertson from Florida has aptly proved this by ingeniously creating his version of a ‘sandbag’. Applicable during emergency saltwater flooding scenarios, the contrivance quite ironically totally eschews the component of sand. Instead his creation comprises of a composite of salt and an expandable polymer. So, when the bag is dry it can be easily moved due its lightweight nature, as opposed to the cumbersome heaviness of conventional sandbags. However, the best part comes after the bag is positioned to create a definitive barrier. The users only needs to apply water on them (preferably by a hose), and as a cool after effect, the polymer absorbs the water and expands to fill the entire volume of the bag.

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Hand-built 200hp Hayabusa powered Golf Cart does 100mph

hayabusa powered golf cart

So, what’s the best you’ve seen a golf cart run? Street legal golf carts well-equipped with headlights, turn signals and seat belts, can go as fast as 25mph or slightly more, but a custom made golf car powered by a 200hp Hayabusa engine can go as fast as 100mph. Built by Chris of Spring Hill, Florida, the handmade golf cart features a four-cylinder engine from a 1999 Hayabusa and has speedometer and other gages, the fan and ignition switches all extracted from the Hayabusa. Read More…