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MIT researchers develop furry wetsuit inspired by beavers

Furry wetsuit by MIT

Nature inspires everything manmade, and that inspiration isn’t going to die down. Researchers at MIT derive inspiration for a number of inventions from nature, and this research follows suite. Anette (Peko) Hosoi, a professor of mechanical engineering and associate head of the department at MIT along with co-authors Alice Nasto (lead author and graduate student) postdoc José Alvarado, and applied mathematics instructor Pierre-Thomas Brun are developing a wetsuit inspired by semiaquatic hairy mammals.
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Jet Reaction bike powered by massive helicopter engine all set to break land speed record

We could soon be seeing the world motorcycle land-speed record come tumbling down as Richard Brown looks to hit the tarmac with the mind numbing speeds of almost 425 mph (680 km/h). this dare devil from Britain will take on this amazing feat helped by researchers at the University of Huddersfield who will make sure that his motorcycle called Jet Reaction bike, powered by a powerful afterburner jet based on a 1250 HP helicopter engine. To analyze and fine tune the effects of high speeds and overall motion on this jet-powered two-wheeler, researchers decided to take expert help from Professor Rakesh Mishra (Computational Fluid Dynamics specialist). PhD researcher Taimoor Asim was appointed by Rakesh to work on this project, who then carried detailed aerodynamic analysis of this monster two wheeler.
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