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WingBoard could let you fly amid clouds while being pulled by a plane

wingboard by Aaron Wypyszynski of Wyp Aviation

You can go wakeboarding or snowboarding anytime you want, but sadly there is no way to truly fly amid the clouds behind an aircraft. Drawing inspiration from a Wingboard showed in Talespin cartoon where an animated bear naked Kit Cloudkicker jumped onboard a wingboard to ride through the clouds behind an airborne plane; flight test engineer Aaron Wypyszynski, has designed a real-life WingBoard that would one day allow you and me to surf across the sky, while being pulled along by a plane.   Read More…

Human-powered flying machine will take plunge of faith to soar high in the sky

In an amazing turn of events next week on Saturday, members of Team Rocket will have their fingers crossed as University of Lowa engineering student Steve Cowperthwait will take the most daring plunge of his life into a 30-foot pier into Chicago Lake, Michigan with nothing to bank upon except his helmet and Styrofoam. The human-powered flying machine is specially prepared for the Red Bull Flugtag in Philadelphia featuring 34 teams competing in front of 70,000 estimated audiences. The environmentally-friendly DIY machine is made to look like a Naval submarine having missile atop which will detach in midair as Steve will attempt a safe landing 250 feet away.
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Homemade water propelled jetpack by Chinese father-son duo has precision flight

After featuring the five coolest water powered ways to fly we were sure there are going to be many more in the coming months and this jetpack created by a Chinese father-son duo certainly impressive. Xu Furong and his 26 year old son Xu Tiehong have made their own water propelled jetpack which is tandem-operated contraption using the very basic principle of action-reaction to propel a human being 30 meters above the water surface. The jetpack was shown off on Monday at Haining, Zhejiang province and the jetpack is now being dubbed as Fly Man.
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5 coolest personal water powered ways to fly

Water Powered Ways to Fly

You love water sports and you hate traffic jams, but you need a solution? Well, water powered device to fly you over the traffic congestions could be one outright solution. No, it’s no future, water powered jetpacks and bikes have been made and it’s just matter of time before you’d be flying in one of your personal jetpack or a water powered bike. Though, the technology is really juvenile and nothing besides the likes of a Jetlev-Flyer or a Jetovator has enticed us so far, but it is surely the future of transportation. Hit the jump to see 5 most fascinating water powered ways to fly. Read More…

Brothers build a homemade rotorcraft in China but it fails to fly

There were the Wright Brothers and there are the Zhao Brothers. The latter, Zhao Yezhu (34) and Zhao Yeding (32) have perfected and built at home a rotary wing aircraft, and few days back they brought it out on the road to test. The siblings from Pukou District in the city of Nanjing, China, failed to fly their rotocraft dubbed “Brother No.1” in its first test flight, but they are confident that they will come back and fly the aircraft the next time.

The Zhao brothers began working on their project of building the self-rotorcraft in November last year. The duo collected all they needed to build their flying dream over time, though we are not sure what all has gone into the built, but we learn the rotorcraft is crafted with components including carbon fiber propellers and wooden propellers in the rear.

Zhao brothers weren’t adequately prepared to fly the aircraft and Zhao Yeding was a little hesitant flying it. Besides lack of experience the site’s condition (where they were flying) and its limitations were the main causes for the flight to not succeed. Also while on road the rotorcraft lost balance and broke the rear wooden propeller and had oil leakage. But this failure will not be a deterrent for the Zhao brothers, they believe they will continue exploring ways to flying their rotorcraft and will eventually make it to the skies in the Brother No.1.

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Fire-breathing remote controlled dragon can actually fly @ 100mph

What’s the freakiest thing you seen all day? Not sure about you, perhaps for us it has to be this remote-controlled flying dragon that shoots fire. Conceived by Rick Hamel of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the lime-green colored, red eyed dragon, clad in fiberglass and Nomex honeycomb body, is powered by a Jetcat Kerostart P80 engine and uses liquid propane for fuel that’s ignited (within the mouth) by a 55,000-voltage stun gun.

This monstrous toy by Rick is inspired from Disney movie How to Train your Dragon, and is immaculate, measuring 7 1/2-ft long, and featuring a 9ft-long wingspan, which allows the dragon to do up to 100mph in 10-12 minutes of a single charge. The dragon that’s taken Rick over five months to build, as we said has a stun gun in the mouth, on hitting the R/C switch the jaw opens and a micro-switch is activated to turn propane gas and stun gun on to execute fire from the dragon’s mouth – scary, but it ought to be fun.

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