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LG will supply foldable displays to Apple, Google and Microsoft

LG Displays foldable

Samsung is almost ready with a foldable phone, and LG and a few other manufacturers are not far behind. But the news that broke out about LG developing foldable displays of OMEs like Apple, Google and Microsoft has given the world another reason the accept the future – future of foldable smart devices. According to reports LG Display has partnered with Apple, Microsoft and Google to develop ‘out foldable displays’ for smartphones, which should hit mass production in 2018. Read More…

Sharp’s bendable OLED display might feature in future Apple iPhones

Sharp flexible OLED display

Envisioning foldable smartphones and bendable displays as the next juncture in gadget technology, many electronic companies are investing their R&D in developing such technology. Sharp is the latest company to have come-up with a prototype 3.4-inch bendable OLED display which can be used in smartphones and other wearable gadgets in the coming years. Sharp has developed this foldable display having IGZO (indium-gallium-zinc oxide) energy-saving panel technology at the facility in Tenri, Nara Prefecture.
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Samsung’s much-anticipated foldable smartphone to come out in 2017

Samsung Foldable Smartphone

If you’d remember, sometime in September last year Chinese website Weibo had reported that Samsung could reveal its first foldable smartphone Project Valley aka Project V in January this year. Turns out there is some kind of a delay, the South Korean giant is now expected to launch a foldable smartphone for consumers in 2017, ET News reports.  The device being referred to as smartlet will be a 5-inch smartphone, which if folded would function as a 7-inch tablet.   Read More…

Samsung’s foldable smartphone could make it to CES 2016

Samsung working on foldable phone

Samsung is known for delivering the weirdest of gadgets and mobile technologies – curved displays and large phones are just a few to name. Living up to its identity, Samsung recently introduced the cool new Edge display. If even you thought the Edge display was cool; chances are you’ll find the forthcoming offering from Samsung really crazy. According to a report on Chinese website Weibo, Samsung is working on a foldable smartphone, which could be showcased as early as January of 2016. You read that right. Read More…

This prototype capacitive OLED touchscreen folds up three times

SEL fold up display

Trust me, for some good reason I am really fascinated by folding displays. From all kinds of folding displays that we have seen through the years, I presume its only matter of time before we start seeing devices with such screens on the market. Taking us a stride further into the realm is the new prototype OLED screen that folds three times. Developed by Japanese company Semiconductor Energy Laboratory (SEL) and called “Foldable Display,” the screen was showcased at Display Innovation 2014 in Yokohama, Japan. Read More…