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Pressure-monitoring stocking for diabetics is going to be a life-saver

Pressure monitoring stockings for diabetics

Being diabetic comes with its own set of problems which can be very depressing. One problem that most of the diabetic patients encounter is the lack of sensation in their feet. It can be the inability to sense pressure or temperature signals which is not a good sign, and in extreme cases feet or toes of the patient need to be amputated to prevent spreading of infection. Fraunhofer researchers have developed a pair of pressure stockings that helps the patient in detecting any signs of infection or wounds, and unlike other products this one measures pressure from every possible angle.
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Ski Vehicle for disabled biathletes will be seen at Paralympics 2014

SnowStorm sit ski for Paralympics 2014

In the upcoming Paralympics 2014 in Sochi we could be seeing a very kind of ski rolling down the slopes as researchers at Fraunhofer Institute for Mechanics of Materials IWM have developed a ski vehicle for disabled biathletes. The project is codenamed Snow Storm and biathlete Martin Fleig is the first one to have one of these skis. The ski is made at Fraunhofer IWM using simulated software that provides data for CAD design of the skis and then by using laser sintering technology the Ski Vehicle took shape. The ski is going to have a seat and fixed mounted ski skating system for uninterrupted skiing on the slopes at Paralympics 2014.

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