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BMW 7-series gets Welcome Light Carpet to guide your way to the car

Welcome Light Carpet Lighting the way to your BMW 7 series

I remember fumbling around trying to search for my car in those poorly lit parking lots. I’m certain there will be many more like me, but how about a scenario where with press a button on your keychain a stripped carpet of light appears underneath the car illuminating the path to your car? How easy would it be to locate the car and enter it in the dark? Thanks to researchers from Fraunhofer University, new BMW 7-series would feature Welcome Light Carpet – a lighting system with stripped pattern of lights making it easier to enter the car in dark. Read More…

Fluid-based micro implant promises to restore vision ceased by Glaucoma

Miniature pump regulates internal ocular pressure

Researchers at Fraunhofer University have given us enough reasons in the past to believe technology has the ability to put things right. In a recent development, researchers at the University are working on an implantable micro-fuild pump which would effectively be placed in the eye to treat ocular pressure and restore vision. There are various eye ailments which create elevate or reduce pressure in the eye and lead to diminishing vision, in intense cases even leading to blindness. There have been no real solutions for such problems that include Gluacoma and Phthisis bulbi. Read More…

Sensor glove changes color to indicate toxic substances in air

Sensor glove

Employees working in chemical laboratories or others frequently exposed to harmful substances elsewhere are taught how to keep themselves safe in such hazardous areas. However sensing that there is still scope for improving safety, researchers at the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Modular Solid State Technologies EMFT have developed a glove that can recognize toxic and harmful substances in the surrounding air and makes handling such substance less risky. Read More…