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How action FPS games are inspiring online casino gaming

Online Casino Gaming

The general perception of casinos has changed ever since online casinos came into the picture. Back in the old days, a casino was only associated with shady characters like gangs, marijuana smokers, mobs etc. Today, the image has completely changed as more people get used to the idea of gambling. In fact, now it is a place where people can mingle and play their favorite games to have some fun.
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How has Pokemon Go changed gaming apps forever?

Pokemon go banned in Iran

By now, you must have definitely heard about the frenzied Pokemon Go players. Even if you aren’t a Pokemon Go addict yourself, you might have definitely come across clumps of people glued to their mobile phones running around the city. Well, thanks to Pokemon Go – the augmented reality game application developed by Niantic, the company which published the app is now twelve billion US dollars richer( at least in terms of valuation) than what it was before Pokemon Go happened.
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Rollercoaster and VR headset create a thrilling ride into the future

New Revolution Virtual Reality Roller Coaster

To get the ultimate adrenaline rush one inevitably turns to a rollercoaster ride, and more often than not we all come home satisfied. Taking your average rollercoaster to the next level is the New Revolution Virtual Reality Coaster at the Dare Devil Dive in North America by Six Flags Magic Mountain. The rollercoaster in collaboration with Samsung Gear VR and Oculus allows the rider to enter a completely different virtual world which perfectly syncs with the movement on course. The scene is set in the near future where you are a trained soldier riding a fighter aircraft as co-pilot, taking on the invading alien force putting Earth in harm’s way. Basically you are a new recruit in ‘The Patriots’ an elite fighter squadron.
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Codeybot educational robot teaches coding to kids in fun way

Codeybot Educational Robot

“Equip your child with the fundamentals they need to thrive in the age of robotics” that is what MakeBlock believe, and to turn ideas into reality they have developed Codeybot. This educational robot teaches kids about the basics of programming using interactive features which appeal to a child’s brain. Codeybot robot turns code-learning process into something which is quite easy to comprehend and most of all, fun. The app controlled robot is capable of dancing, moving like a pet, playing music or shooting lasers in battle mode against another Codeybot. It moves on wheels and is balanced by the gyro sensors which help it stay upright.
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Crazy Cart is back again with another Ken Block tribute (troll) video

Crazy Cart vs Ken Block

Ken Block is the undisputed king of drifting and time and again he has shown the kind of talent he possesses. That being said, Guys over at Crazy Cart have given us good reason to appreciate their drifting skills but in a completely different set of wheels. A modified shopping cart pushed to the limit with unreal drifting that would make Ken put up an eyebrow.
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Race Formula-1 toy cars on this customisable wooden race track

Wooden race track Formula 1

With all the technology around, the essence of real toys has diminished somewhere. We have RC cars, quadcopters, video games and other tech savvy products that make all the old school toys look lame and uninteresting. Ikonic Toys wants to bring that nostalgic era back with its cool Wooden Race Track which can be expanded, tinkered or modified for visual uniqueness depending on your kid’s creativity.
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Jigsurf: 3D printed surfboard you can carry in a duffle bag

Jigsurf 3D printed surfboard

Riding the waves on your surfboard is fun and thrilling, but taking your surfboard from one place to the other is a big hassle. A normal surfboard measures anywhere between 5’7” to 9’4”, which makes it extremely bulky to transport. Seeing this predicament as a major speedbump in the ability of a surfer to commute easily, prompted Robotham to make a 3D printed surfboard that can be carried in your bag.
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How about a roulette wheel game in your USB drive?

Green House USB Drive with dice and roulette game

In a world dominated by OTG (On-the-go) USB drives that have capacity in the region of 128GB, you won’t give much attention to an 8GB storage device working on the old USB 2.0 interface. But if it has a playful dice game and a roulette then things might get a little interesting. That’s exactly what Green House has in store for you with two different USB drive options that have a fully-functional dice game or a roulette wheel on top.
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The Dark Knight Tumbler – RC vehicle every big boy would want to own

Smartphone controlled The Dark Knight Trilogy  Tumbler RC vehicle

Smartphone-controlled The Dark Knight Trilogy Tumbler RC vehicle

When we talk of RC cars, they are everyone’s childhood toy and even adults love these toys for good reason. And when RC toy is a sci-fi vehicle from the superhero of Gotham city, it is perfect icing on the cake. By now you must have got the idea that we are talking about Batman and his desirable Tumbler vehicle. Soap Studio has come up with 1:12 scale version of the Tumbler vehicle that is controlled via your Android or iOS mobile device.
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CES 2014: Sphero 2B robot is rolling mass of intelligence

Sphero 2B robot

There are robots that fulfil certain particular desire or complete tasks that are unachievable for humans. And then there is this Sphero 2B robot that satisfies your gut for speed. Too Fast but not that furious, the robot is fully customizable for any kind of rolling mania as it, the tubular design robot can perform jumps and tricks. With customizable tires, hubcaps and accessories the robot can conquer any terrain with ease as it goes down tumbling like a piece of mass at top speed of 14 miles per hour. The robot has battery reserve of one hour which is good for some unstoppable fun on weekends. And what’s more? The robot is totally programmable for new kind of games, functions and tasks that one can think of. Compatible with iOS and Android platform, the Sphero 2B robot can be controlled from a range of 30 feet in any direction.
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