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Elderly will ditch canes and walkers for Superflex’s robotic-powered suit

Aurora Powered Suit

There are many drawbacks of growing in age, one of them is the difficulty to carry out activities of daily living. In collaboration with industrial designer Yves Behar’s studio FuseProject, Superflex has designed powered-clothing to enhance day-to-day experience for the aging population. Dubbed Aurora Powered Suit, the powered undergarment is aimed at helping the elderly with mobility challenges posed by age and illness. Read More…

Kernel of Life will allow people to self-detect diseases

Kernel of Life

Entrepreneur Yves Behar has been long known in the designers circle for fusing commercialism with sustainability. And, now his San Francisco based studio FuseProject has conceptualized an innovative wearable product that will actually be able to diagnose human diseases. Targeted at people living in the developing countries, the Kernel of Life will allow the users to self examine their health statuses, and that too in precise manner. This simple and easily reachable solution will help people to quickly know about the symptoms of chronic diseases (like malaria), thus making the treating scope much more easier and efficient.

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