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Faraday Future FF91 gives Tesla Motors some early jitters at CES 2017

Faraday Future FF91 electric car

Faraday Future has been in the news for its bold move to develop a new species of electric cars of the future. The American automotive technology company is a start-up which envisions a future dominated with powerful electric cars. We have already seen their developments, putting more emphasis on what they actually believe in. Now the company is out with a bang at CES 2017 with their powerful electric car capable of going from 0-60 in mere 2.39 seconds.
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Faraday FFZERO1 electric car concept can go 200mph

Faraday Future Faraday FFZERO1 Electric Car

Faraday Future have been working on a futuristic electric car for almost year-and-a half and we haven’t seen it past the concept design stage. At CES 2016 that has changed as California-based electric car company as they have unveiled the high-performance Faraday FFZERO1. Unlike the more practical and already raking up miles on the roads, Tesla Motors Model S and Model X SUV have the bar set for Faraday. Maybe, Faraday Future has a more far-sighted vision of the future where electric supercars will rule the roost.
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SYPNATIQ – Wearable concept car that morphs into three different forms

Infiniti enters "SYNAPTIQ" in 11th Annual Los Angeles Auto Show

For this year’s LA Auto Show Design Challenge based on the theme “Sensing the Future: How will Cars Interact with us in 2029?” one entry that outshined is the humanoid pod by Infiniti Design called SYNAPTIQ. This HMI (Human-machine interface) concept for the year 2029 can morph into three different vehicles: F1 like circuit racing car, buggy styled off-roading vehicle and a flying jet!

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Hybrid BMW i8 will have futuristic key fob with hi-res display

BMW i8 smart key fob

Many of you auto-enthusiasts may have already been smitten by the BMW i8, the German automaker’s upcoming plug-in hybrid car for 2014. And, now to fuel your desire of owning one, we have come across what is reportedly a specialized key fob for the futuristic looking automobile. Exhibiting the very same design DNA of the original car, the key fob will comprise of its very own high resolution LCD display. The integrated screen will show various electric credentials of the BMW i8, including the charge level of the battery, the related charge time and the overall range (on a single charge) of the vehicle. This will be accompanied by conventional fob buttons for opening/closing the door and popping open the truck space.

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Light-weight body parts will be the battery of future cars

Volvo StorAGE nano battery car body parts

In the coming years you could very well be seeing a battery less car as EU-funded (3.5 million Euros) research project (for three years) along with Volvo courtesy a ground-breaking technology. Dubbed as StorAGE this intuitive technology cut’s the car’s weight by as much as almost 15% with the help of the material made from carbon fiber, polymer resin, nano structured batteries and super capacitors which is strong and flexible, perfect for making automotive body. Not only is the technology eco-friendly but also cost effective in terms of manufacturing, meaning that it will perfectly coincide with future car designs that require light-weight components and ways to increase the inner boot space.
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Transition flying car to be shown off at New York Auto Show

New York Auto Show is slated to commence from tomorrow and one entry that everyone will be looking forward to keenly is the Flying Car, Transition, developed by blokes over at Massachusetts-based Terrafugia Inc. With first test flights of the production prototype version complete as Transition stayed airborne for eight minutes at altitude of 1,400 feet this six-year long car project has had its share of odd times in this journey as legal and technical obstacles have hampered its development.
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