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smrtFOB: A smart accessory to juice-up all your gadgets on the go


We all have gadgets, and they require battery power. The juice can max out at times when you need it the most, and it is not possible to have a charging outlet or power banks at all times. But what you can always keep with you is a key fob that bails you out. This is smrtFOB, a practical gadget which is designed for everyday use, and it solves most of your needs. Designed by a Monreal-based company, the accessory is up on Kickstarter for funding, and so far it looks on track for mass production.
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DJI Mavic – Compact drone that fits in your pocket

DJI Mavic Drone

DJI is the best when it comes to consumer drones, and they proved it all-right with Phantom 4. Now the drone maker wants you to fly Mavic, a compact drone small enough to carry in a backpack or even a big back pocket of your pants. This quadcopter is almost half the size of DJI Phantom 4, without any comprise in its functions. To be precise, it can still do subject tracking, autonomous landings, gesture controls and avoid obstacles with ease. Most importantly, its video shooting capability is stunning, since it is loaded with 4K capable 12-megapixel camera shooting at 1080p HD (30 fps).
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Upcoming gadgets and gizmos that’ll rock your world

Parrot Disco Drone

The market is constantly flooded with new gadgets and gizmos that promise to make our life easy and get things done in a jiffy. We have seen smartphones, drones, personal robots and wearables which have totally changed the complexion of consumer oriented tech. For geeks who are constantly on the lookout for new technologies being implemented in product, here is a collection of the top anticipated gadgets.
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Level – Stylish eyeglasses double as activity tracker

Level Eyeglasses with Activity Tracking_1

Who says wearable glasses need to be bulky and ordinary looking? VOS Global in association with University of Southern California’s (USC) Center For Body Computing has developed a tech-savvy pair of glasses which monitor your fitness. Earlier known as Project Genisis, the final version of this eyewear dubbed Level distributes the weight of embedded hardware on both the temples equally. Sensors like Bluetooth, accelerometer, gyroscope or magnetometer are all fitted inside the thick temples of this stylish eyewear.
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Exciting gadgets and technologies expected in 2017

Gesture control future of Virtual Reality

As years roll by, the consumer technology keeps advancing. The speed at which this is happening is so fast that the older generation can’t keep up with this change. However, for the younger generation, this is an opportunity to discover and invest in some of the coolest gadgets to arrive in 2017. We have therefore compiled a short list of what is to be expected. There are hints everywhere, so this list is just one of those convenient things you ought to familiarize yourself with.
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Fallout Pip-Boy Deluxe Bluetooth Edition available on pre-orders

Bethesda has introduced a new Pip-Boy Deluxe Bluetooth Edition, which features an integrated screen and is loaded with its own on-board software and hardware. It can pair to smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth to allow users to take and place calls, access contacts, send or read text messages, audio files etc. The design appears a bit bulky to carry around your arm, but it weighs just 2 pounds.
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Lenovo shows-off flexible, wearable phone and foldable tablet at Tech World 2016

lenovo tech world 2016
Lenovo Tech World 2016 is rocking so far. Earlier, Lenovo had announced it new Phab 2 lineup including Phab 2 Pro with Google Tango AR technology. Now, Lenovo displayed near future of next generation portable gadgets – wearable with foldable or bendable design. The devices are only prototypes and the company has not released any commercial version yet. Two of such devices showed off by Lenovo included a phone that can be worn like a bracelet and a tablet that transforms into phone if folded. As per reports, both of these flexible devices with really flexible screens run on Android. Read More…

Apple’s new patent shows Wi-Fi/Bluetooth walkie-talkie headphones

Apple walkie-talkie

Apple is already experiencing tremendous stress to manage its reputation for delivering unique features every time it comes out with a new iPhone model. As per a confirmed leak, Apple has introduced a double lens camera to iPhone 7 Plus. But this time, a new patent filed by Apple has started new debate on whether the company is planning to introduce digital peer-to-peer communication on local wireless/ad hoc network like walkie-talkies. Read More…

Whipper – World’s first climbing performance tracker cum smart coach

whipper climbing tracker 3

Whipper is being claimed as the world’s first device that not only records your climbing performance, but also works as a coach to improve your climbing skills. It’s a small clip on device that comes with an accompanying smartphone app. As a climber clips on this small device to his waist, it begins to track the climb, location of climb, and way of climbing. After you are done climbing, all the date can be synced to mobile app to get feedback on your performance including other information, like date and time, location and name, grade, vertical feet, incline, time spent on wall, calories burnt, pace, efforts etc. Read More…

Glassouse – Affordable assistive device lets disabled use mouse with head movements

assistive glassouse device 4
The Glassouse, an affordable bluetooth mouse that can enable disabled people to use a mouse with computers or other devices is trying to gather support from people on crowdfunding site Indiegogo. It’s worn like glasses, but is actually without any lenses. The glasses can detect head movements to match them with the direction in which user wishes to scroll the cursor. The cursor can follow head movements in any direction including upward and downward directions. Read More…