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Brain-training iPad game is helping schizophrenia patients improve memory

cambridge university brain-training iPad game

Help maybe on cards for schizophrenia patients. Researchers at the University of Cambridge have developed a brain-training app for iPad, which they believe has an effect where medicines have failed to make a difference. The game, dubbed Wizard, is found to be improving patient’s memory. The game is allowing schizophrenic patients live their lives better and with more independence. Read More…

Playing Half-Life on smartwatch is impossible, but it’s cool anyways!

Half Life running on smartwatch hack

Running applications and games on cross-platform devices has become one of the coolest white hat hacks these days. Especially operating systems that software tinkering experts just love to run on cross-platform devices. Examples from the past include an iPhone 6 Plus running Windows 98 and Apple Watch hacked to run Mac OS. For a change, this time we show you a hack that allows you to play Valve’s Half-Life on Android Wear smartwatch, in particular LG G Watch.
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Iranians develop mobile game that prompts player to attack Israel

Missile strike mobile game

We have seen games like Battlefield showing US military launching attacks on Tehran and other Middle-Eastern countries plagued by terrorism. That has not been taken very politely by the Tehran game developers who have come-up with a mobile game that shows attack on Israel. This game prompts the player to break into the Zionist regime’s air defense and target Israel. The main motive is to march against Israel and US forces for the liberation of Jerusalem.
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Galactic Dimension: Jumbo-sized pinball machine for pure arcade fun

Pinball Machine Galactic Dimension by Niklas Roy

You say Pinball and the feeling of nostalgia is all that oozes in one’s mind. That arcade music keeps ringing in my head and the metal ball bouncing against all the props placed. Niklas Roy, a die-hard pinball fan and DIY project maker has brought those sweet memories back, but in a jumbo design. This is Galactic Dimension, a supersized pinball machine designed by him for Phaeno Science Center in Wolfsburg, Germany; and it more than meets the eye. Everything about this machine is colossal as it invites pinball lovers to try their hand on a 3×6 meter machine inspired by the cosmic vastness and UFOs.
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Braille Rubik’s cube has 3D printed numbered tiles for unstoppable fun

3D printed braille Rubiks cube

There are many interesting records being set with Rubik’s Cube, but all that means nothing for a visually impaired person as it is just a cubical shaped object that they can hold. Do they deserve to experience what can be done with a Rubik’s Cube? Most definitely, yes. Instructables user [liquidwash] though along the same lines, and therefore put up his DIY project about a 3D printed Braille Rubik’s Cube.
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Replica Destiny Thunderlord gun 3D printed, and it looks strikingly real

DIY 3D printed Destiny Thunderlord gun

3D printed Destiny Thunderlord gun

Remember Thunderlord, the exotic machine gun from the addictive FPS game Destiny? Well, Kirby Downey, an avid DIY’er and 3D printing enthusiast has come up with his own replica version of the Destiny Thunderlord machine gun, and it is quite impressive I must say. The gun consists of 45 different parts all of which are 3D printed with three different materials- PLA, Ninjaflex and carbon fiber. To be precise, the main body and bullet belt is made from PLA thermoplastic, stock made from Ninjaflex filament and rails made from carbon fiber material. The gun is a replica and doesn’t fire any rounds, thankfully.
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China’s Samadhi will be offering people an imagined experience of death soon

Samadhi -- 4D Experience of Death

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to die? Samadhi – 4D Experience of Death can give you the answer. The death-themed game uses dramatic special effects and bring people closer to an imagined experience of death. Scheduled to open in Shanghai in September 2014, the project is all set to complete by the end of August. Developed by Huang Wei-ping and Ding Rui, the one-off game will invite participants to compete in a series of challenges in which they will have to avoid dying.
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Smash wearable wristband analyses and improves your tennis game

Smash tennis improving wearable gadget

Being a sportsperson, one is always on the lookout for ways to improve their game and perform better in pressure situations. The same is true for tennis players and for this reason Rob Crowder, an Australian-based innovator has come up with a lightweight wristband that keeps track of the statistics and helps in improving the overall game. Smash, the wearable gadget monitors everything from your racket head speed, the amount of spin, stroke trajectory to technique consistency on the court. Overall the gadget is specially designed for beginners as well as experts who want to make their tennis practice sessions and in-game routines more fruitful.
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Brazilian restaurant’s niche idea turns food tray and smartphone into an interactive football game

The goal screen Giraffas football penalty shoot out

As FIFA World Cup 2014 is nearing, the excitement of football is transcending into the lives of fans worldwide. And it is ever so high in Brazil, the host country for this global extravaganza. Giraffas, a fast food chain in Brazil noticed that 90% of its customers are playing with their smartphones while having meals, and decided to come up with an interactive way to keep them busy while enjoying the food. Hence came idea of the Goal Screen which combines the real world dynamics and virtual world elements to come up with an interactive gaming experience that builds on the soccer fever that’s gripping everyone around.
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Bateske Arduboy: Interactive business card gaming console that plays Tetris

Bateske Arduboy business card sized Arduino gaming console

An Arduino powered Tetris game embedded into a 1.6mm thick business card. As exciting as it may sound, this amazing DIY project called Bateske Arduboy by Kevin Bates is a video game player complete with the arcade game control capacitive input buttons. He calls it the interactive digital business card that has Barebones Arduino as its brain, Piezo speaker for sound output and a small little OLED screen to see the Tetris game in action. Surprisingly you can play more than 9 hours of Tetris on this business card sized gaming console. Kevin has plans to launch this project on Kickstarter in the coming weeks, with an aim to provide interested geeks with $30 per kit anywhere in the world. For ones who can invest more, Kevin has $50 and $100 kits too which are hand-crafted and custom artwork respectively.
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