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Why ‘PC Gaming’ is better than ‘Console Gaming’

PC gaming vs console gaming 22

Recent years have seen the number of handheld console enthusiasts rise exponentially, thanks to cutting edge innovation in the industry. Despite competition from Microsoft’s Xbox line, Sony’s PlayStation 4 stood its ground in 2016 to again become the year’s most sought after electronic device made exclusively for gaming. And now with the release of the PlayStation Pro, things are expected to get even better for the company.
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Tabletop arcade machine relives non-stop gaming mania of the ’80s

STARFORCE PI arcade console

Arcade gaming will never lose its charm and will continue to inspire video game lovers into creating DIY rigs that remind us of the good old days. One DIY’er has gone the length and put his project up on Kickstarter for funding to mass produce a mini arcade machine which is purely awesome. Marcel J. de Haan has finally completed the prototype of STARFORCE PI an electronic tabletop mini-arcade machine paying homage to the golden era of classic gaming.
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CES 2014: Sinister gamepad will electrify gamers with haptic technology

Sinister PC Gaming Device by Tivitas Interactive at CES 2014

Last month, we talked about the GVX console for extreme reality gaming. And, now the realm of CES 2014 has brought forth another gaming device for the ultimate ‘realistic’ experience. Tivitas Interactive has introduced their Sinister gaming device prototype that boasts of haptic features with its integrated ViviTouch technology. Originally conceived for audio immersion, the ViviTouch alludes to the ‘feel’ of the multimedia experience, created by the engrossing and interactive HD sound effects. This impeccable scope of sound perception covers a simultaneous (and precise) ambit of audio, ranging from conspicuous effects like rumbles of gunfire to smaller details like splashing of water. The Sinister gaming device with its ‘artificial muscles’ takes advantage of this immaculate sound system to give us the optimized dose of realistic environment when gaming.

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