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This Resident Evil 7 themed PS4 gaming controller is draped in gore

Resident Evil 7 PS4 gaming controller_6

If there is one gaming title that you need to have in your collection, it is the Resident Evil 7: Biohazard game which is all set to release by the end of this month. The eagerly awaited Capcom survival horror title raises the bar for strategy gaming, and it has always lived up to the expectations of the gamers. To go with the Resident Evil 7 theme, Smartoys has come up with a freakin’ cool (yet ugly) PlayStation 4 controller.
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Lenovo Smart Shoes have fitness tracking features and act as gaming controller too

Lenovo Smart Shoes

Lenovo made quite a few announcements at their Tech World Conference 2016 like the Moto Z line-up of flagship phones and Google’s Project Tango enabled Phab devices. Another announcement at the event that we couldn’t afford missing was this smart running shoe made in collaboration with Vibram who have made similar shoes in the past too. These fashion-forward as-well-as technologically advanced shoes perform standard fitness tracking functions like counting the number of steps, distance travelled on foot, calories burned in a day and activity tracking.
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Planet Licker – Your licking skills will be tested in this surprising game

Planet Licker Game

We have seen augmented reality applications, virtual reality stuff and games that capture our imagination. But this one makes you go into drooling mode like crazy. Planet Licker game is all about licking the controller to direct the game character towards the similar colored planet while avoiding obstacles. Wait, did I just say lick? Yes, the player has to lick the gamepad having three ice pops to simulate button presses. The more precise your lick is, the closer will you get towards winning the game. And not to forget that quick licks will make the planet vanish in a jiffy, resulting in a higher score.
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NES30 Pro Bluetooth Game Controller is tailor-made for mobile gaming freaks

NES30 Pro Bluetooth Game Controller_4

Got bored with your same old gaming controller? Then its time you make the change to this geeky gaming controller. NES30 Pro Bluetooth Game Controller is compatible with all your mobile devices and PC of Course. You can pair it up with iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS devices to enjoy non-stop sessions of gaming with the nostalgic feel of a Nintendo controller in your hand. Wow, this is bliss for a gamer.
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Satechi Wireless Gamepad is for people addicted to phone gaming

Satechi Wireless Gamepad

Gaming has hit smartphones and tablets in a big way in the last couple of years owing to the power-packed hardware fitted inside these handheld devices. Obviously, that has resulted in development of graphics intensive games for these devices. Although you can play games on the touchscreen of your smartphone, but as a gamer playing FPV titles or action games is more satisfying with a gamepad. You can have more control of the situation and have a satisfying gaming session that otherwise would be only possible on PC or gaming consoles.
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5 must-have accessories for mobile phone gamers

Any self-respecting mobile gamer understands the importance of right gear for gaming. Playing like a pro starts with acting like one. E-sports legends stock their game rooms with the finest equipment and you’ll want to follow suit. So it’s high time to fill your wish list with the equipment that’ll make the biggest difference in getting high scores, epic loot, and achievements. Here are five must-have gaming accessories for your smartphones that are a must if you are a die-hard gamer.
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Talon: World’s first smart ring gaming controller could change the way we play games

Titanium Falcon Talon

If a Silicon Valley start-up has its way, we could soon have our Wiis, X-boxes and Kinects replaced with a sub $100 gesture controlled smart ring. Titanium Falcon, a California-based gaming control gear start-up has developed, what it calls is the world’s first smart ring gaming controller, for which the company is planning to launch an Indiegogo Campaign in end of August to raise $300,000 funds. The smart ring called Talon measures less than 3.8mm in thickness; it pairs with any smart device and allows the user to play games with gesture controls. Read More…

Sony PlayStation unravels 20th anniversary edition DualShock 4 Wireless Controller and Gold Wireless Headset

Sony PlayStation DualShock 4 Controller and wireless headset

Sony PlayStation has given us more than one reason to relish all the gaming frenzy for over two decades, and to celebrate countless gaming fun for more decades to come, Sony has revealed a set of limited edition accessories. To celebrate 20 years of PlayStation in Europe, Sony will have DualShock 4 Wireless Controller in original grey and Gold Wireless Headset that will also come in the nostalgic color scheme. Both these 20th anniversary accessories with the distinctive PlayStation logo will come in September to Europe and Asia.
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Microsoft Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is one customisable gamepad every gamer wants

Microsoft Xbox Elite Wireless Controller

Microsoft Xbox Elite Wireless Controller for Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs

A professional gamer needs a professional gaming controller, and there should be no compromise in that fact. Microsoft has realized this fact and therefore released a gaming controller which caters to the needs of the most demanding gamers. This folks is the Microsoft Xbox Elite Wireless Controller at Microsoft E3 2015 which provides a pro-level customization for an elite gamer. That is why the name also suggests “Elite” in it. One can say that the controller is a regular Xbox One gamepad transformed into one having new features.
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Oculus Touch controller for next level gaming experience in Virtual Reality

Oculus Touch

There is no doubt that Virtual Reality is going to transform video gaming forever real soon, and Oculus Rift is going to lead the way. Oculus began with wireless Xbox One controller as input device, but to move forward and improve gaming experience in virtual reality, the Rift makers have come up with Oculus Touch – next-gen input device designed to allow gamers to interact with objects in VR most naturally. Read More…