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Tablets are fast becoming choice device for mobile gaming

mobile gaming

Mobile gaming can be a lot confusing way to play at times. With the ever changing screen sizes of smartphones we see the screens increase, and sometimes decrease with every year’s release. This is often down to the designer’s whim for what is the latest style of phone. It is one reason that tablet is becoming the mobile gaming device of choice because they have almost the same standard size and screen to body ratio. Also, the big screen size means that you have the freedom to explore game interface in a better way.
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Interview: William Provancher, creator of Reactive Grip motion controller

Interview William Provancher creator of Reactive Grip motion controller

It has been a while since we acquainted you with Reactive Grip, a motion controller with tactile feedback for playing RPG games with swords or knifes. Since then a lot of improvements have been made to the Reactive Grip since it was first revealed  at Game Developer Conference (GDC) 2013 and now it is all set to hit Kickstarter soon (by the end of October). It is lighter and slimmer with the addition of ergonomically integrated trigger, thumbstick and buttons. The feedback of this motion controller has got even better and it is compatible with Sixense STEM tracking system with mounting options for trackers such as Razer Hydra. The controller is 7.25 inches (19 cm) as compared to the 11 inch (28 cm) height of the previous Reactive Grip.  So, it was high time we got a personal one-on-one view of what William Provancher has to say about this cool technology and the subsequent product created using it. We got the chance to get an exclusive interview with William Provancher, Associate Professor at University of Utah and the creator of Reactive Grip from Tactical Haptics, and here is how it went.

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Sega Toys Jewel Music Pod plays music, doubles as fortune teller

Sega Toys Jewel Music pod plays music

Sega Toys is famous with all of us for the really colorful toys and clever products it comes up with. Latest to join its Pod Diamond Jewel, launched a while back, is the Jewel Music Pod – a new multi-functional music device, which lets you capture and play music on the go from a CD player or smartphone and also doubles as gaming device and future teller. The Jewel Music Pod is cute heart shaped device that can be used to transfer and view photos taken from the Sega Toys Pod Diamond Jewel. Perfect gadget for all female geeks out there, the Jewel Music pod is equipped with the various game features and allows you to see all your photos in slide show on its native display. Read More…

iControlPad2 open source game controller for just about any device you own

Love gaming on your handheld, well even I do, and that’s just one reason I was fascinated by the iControlPad when it first appeared about a year ago. The unique controller that connected with phones to play games now gets an open source upgrade in iControlPad2. The new compact, keyboard-enabled, programmable, open-source, Bluetooth controller can be used with any kind of device – the iControlPad2 not only ties up with the smartphones and tablets, but can also be used with anytime from a USB Stick computer to a robot or a set-top box to a Raspberry Pi. Read More…