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Razer unveils Project Valerie gaming laptop with three 17-inch screens

Razar project valerie

If you’re a sleek laptop types, this machine is not for you. But if you’re a hardcore gamer with a rig comprising 2-3 additional displays, this is your best bet to go portable. Innovative computer peripheral manufacturer Razar has unveiled Project Valerie at the CES 2017 – a state-of-the-art laptop that doesn’t have one, not two but three 17-inch displays that slide out from the sides to lock into place providing 180-degree field of view. Read More…

Things to consider when buying a gaming laptop

Buy gaming laptop

Buying that perfectly portable gaming PC can seem like a pipe dream, especially when most hardcore gamers opt for customized desktops so they can easily be upgraded to run the latest graphics. Modern laptops, however, are built to run games at 1080p resolution and higher without any limitations on the game’s performance. This makes it easier than ever to find the right gaming laptop, allowing you to take your favorite gaming experience with you no matter where you end up.

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IFA 2015: Asus GX700 water-cooled laptop with a powerful GPU

Asus GX700 gaming laptop

Asus has unveiled the world’s first water-cooled laptop at IFA 2015 as an addition to its ROG (Republic of Gamers) lineup. The Asus GX700 laptop will have the water-cooled compartment attached to its back section and it is removable for times when you are not gaming. This 17-inch gaming laptop will boast a 4K display and will be powered by overclockable quad-core Skylake Intel K-Series processors and Nvidia GeForce GTX graphics card.
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CES 2015: Range of Alienware gaming laptops revealed

Alienware 17 laptops

At the ongoing CES, Dell have announced a range of laptops in the XPS, Alienware, Venue and Inspiron series that it deems as the best ones in company’s history. The laptops have been designed using premium material and styling is also rejuvenated for demanding users. Alienware 15 and 17 Windows laptops are the ones that caught our eye as they come packed with the latest gaming technologies.
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3D printed Darkmatter Xbox Laptop and DIY kit by Techjango


Drawing inspiration for Ben Heck’s portable Xbox 360 gaming laptop, Austin, Texas-based startup Techjango has developed its Darkmatter Xbox Laptop, which can be bought in kit form or can be purchased as a fully assembled product. If you are one who likes building things and would want to try building a portable Xbox Laptop, then Techjango’s Darkmatter Xbox laptop kit can help you customize one for your gaming prowess. The entire casing of the Xbox laptop is 3D printed and laser cut, while 3mm black acrylic is used for the paneling. All interconnects and other parts on the laptop are also 3D printed on Makerbot Replicator 2 3D printers. Read More…

Ben Heck’s portable Xbox 360 laptop for gaming freaks

Ben heck is one hell of a modder, and the testimony is his work for so many years and yes, his own TV show that goes by the name The Ben Heck Show. Right from the PC case mods to things like Raspberry Pi cases; ben has got it all. For the season finale (Episode 52) of his TV show, Ben created this portable Xbox 360 laptop for avid gamers who can’t get enough of gaming and want to have their Xbox 360 with them at all times. Weighing 7.5 pounds and build around gig Xbox 360 model, this 15.6” widescreen VGA laptop is put together using 3D printed custom hinges connected to the main screen unit. The original hard disk has been removed from the Xbox console to make for more space to house the components and eliminate any extra heat that might be produced while intense gaming.
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Star Wars: The Old Republic Razer Blade gaming laptop up for grabs

Razer has offered their range of Star Wars gaming gear in the past too but this time around it is totally state-of-the-art with the revealing of their all new Star Wars: The Old Republic Razer Blade gaming laptop. This is a part of the winner’s prize for The Sweepstake contest and one of a kind aluminum Razer Blade is made from the ground zero with laser etched, matte painted aluminum panels, official fonts & iconography from Star Wars: The Old Republic and a very attractive yellow backlit keyboard with customizable buttons. Powered by i7 processor and Nvidia GeForce GT555M graphics processor having 2GB dedicated memory and LED backlit high-definition 1080 17.3” display makes it a true geeky gaming laptop.
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