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AMD’s VR-ready CyberPowerPC gaming PC comes with Oculus Rift for $499


AMD CyberPowerPC

Virtual reality gaming rigs are increasing in numbers. The technology is reasonably expensive at the moment with desktops costing upwards of $1,000. AMD is slated to change that cost phenomenon, and for this has introduced CyberPowerPC – an Oculus Rift headset ready Gamer Ultra VR desktop that is priced at $499.99. There’s a catch here – the desktop will sell for sub $500 tag in a bundle with an Oculus Rift headset, which alone costs at $599.99. The total cost of the system would therefore be $1099.98. Read More…

Things to consider when buying a gaming laptop

Buy gaming laptop

Buying that perfectly portable gaming PC can seem like a pipe dream, especially when most hardcore gamers opt for customized desktops so they can easily be upgraded to run the latest graphics. Modern laptops, however, are built to run games at 1080p resolution and higher without any limitations on the game’s performance. This makes it easier than ever to find the right gaming laptop, allowing you to take your favorite gaming experience with you no matter where you end up.

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Micro Lego Computer is a tiny computing powerhouse

Micro Lego Computer by Mike Schropp

Mike Schropp has a strong affinity for building things with Legos and his last creation awe-struck me. A Lego computer case mod that is good looking and packs some respectable hardware. Again the DIYer is back with an equally impressive computer case mod that is an improvement on the last one. This is Micro Lego Computer is almost 75% more compact and 40% affordable than its predecessor. Mike has kept in mind customizability and additional configuration options while designing this Lego computer.
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Valve Steam Machine available for $449, will ship this holiday season

Valve Steam Machine Alienware

It’s been a long time coming since Valve first announced the Steam Machine at the CES 2014. Speculations were that Valve would release the first set of gaming computers made in collaboration with Alienware in late 2014, but it got a little delayed. Thankfully they have finally released the details about the Steam Machine all set to be available during the holiday season, as early as October 16.
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Harley Davidson PC case mod breaks all hotness barriers

Micle Proud of Blood PC case mod

This has to be one of the most unbelievable PC case mod that we have seen thus far. The sweeping curves and the customary Harley Davidson legacy draped all over it, the PC case mod by Micle is simply out of this world. One look at it and you’ll want to own it no matter what. Such is the kind of exuberance it has. Micle likes to call it “Proud of Blood”, maybe inspired from Diablo, but it looks nothing like that. In-fact it looks like a Harley V2 engine in its prime, and replicated in this PC case to perfection. Everything on the outside looks like being carved to the last detail, be it the tank cover, spoiler or pipes. The PC case mod is the work of Micle co-founder and well-known domestic modder Wei Zheng.
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CES 2015: Power-packed CyberPower Fang Trinity gaming PC is unearthly!

CyberPower Fang Trinity gaming PC CES 2015

CyberPower Fang Trinity gaming PC at CES 2015

Is it a PC or a futuristic pod? That is the question I asked myself when I laid my eyes on the CyberPower Fang Trinity gaming PC. Showcased at CES 2015 in Las Vegas, this gaming PC is nothing like anything that we have seen before, and it is simply awesome. Packed with a liquid-cooled 4GHz Intel Core i7 4790K processor, Gigabyte Z97 Mini-ITX motherboard, full-size GeForce GTX 980 graphics card and three SSDs.

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Addison gaming PC case mod inspired by 1940 radio is a powerhouse

Addison gaming PC case mod

It’s been a while since we have seen a compact, yet powerful PC case mod that impresses with its retro look. Addison by Jeffery Stephenson is one such PC case mod that boasts-off retro aesthetics with a powerful computing power inside. This gaming PC case mod is inspired by a Canadian radio design from the 1940’s era. It has a mahogany enclosure with aluminum trim and a capacity of 10.6 liters.
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Alienware Area 51 gaming PC with a truly other-worldly ergonomic design

Dell Alienware Area 51 gaming PC

Dell Alienware Area 51 gaming PC with triad-design

The thumping Alienware Area 51 gaming PC from Dell is finally going to be available for purchase from October 28, which is today. This one hell of a designed gaming desktop comes with a high-end processor and chipset from Intel and new generation desktop graphics card from Nvidia. The Alienware Area 51 is a hexagonal shaped CPU having triad-design that has an Intel Haswell-E 6- and 8-core processors for unmatchable gaming performance teamed up with ultra-HD 4K display.
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R-Kaid Revelation is beautiful gaming PC with thumping computing power

R-Kaid Revelation gaming PC

Gaming PCs should look as crafty as the games they are used to play. But normally that is not the case. Well, for a change someone did make an eye-popping gaming PC that makes all other gaming PCs look ugly. Love Hulten, a Swedish designer and craftsman has designed a gaming PC called R-Kaid Revelation that takes the shape of an arcade box crafted from walnut and copper. Pre-fitted with two joysticks for gaming extravaganza, the R-Kaid Revelation gaming PC has a transparent see-through 22” backlit LCD screen that shows the inside engine in a cool red ambience which by the way is super cool. This water-cooled gaming PC has homemade motor driven blind/shade with limit switches and a built-in 500 ANSI LED projector for cinematic gaming experience. Joysticks of the R-Kaid Revelation gaming PC are hidden in a chest like drawer that retract back when not in use and these joysticks can be charged through the USB attached on the backside.

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CES 2014: Razer Project Christine modular gaming PC is invincible

Razer Project Christine CES 2014

Razer being a frontrunner in making leading gaming and PC equipment has taken the onus of giving the world its first ever modular gaming system that is customizable beyond belief. At 2014 CES Razer has revealed Project Christine prototype which is a modular gaming computer that even an average Joe can customize on will at any given time courtesy the PCI-Express architecture, meaning that you wouldn’t have to buy a new computer in case your CPU configuration degrades with time. More like a slot of hardware fitting console, Christine will have separate sections for slotting in new hard disks, RAM, CPU GPU or other hardware. Each of these wire free modules will have liquid cooling and noise cancellation so you can expect it to be super quiet and cool even while playing the most graphics intensive games.

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