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Garmin Vivofit Jr. fitness tracker for kids

Garmin Vivofit Fitness Tracker

Problem with majority of kids out there is that they can’t get enough of their smartphones. It is their Holy Grail gadget which satisfies most of their needs right from gaming to watching videos. But it is also making them more lazy and non-interested in actual pay activities which are good for body and brain. Garmin wants to change that with a fitness tracker for kids that turns daily activities into fun, making them more active and intelligent.
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Garmin Vivomove is classic analog watch with smart health and fitness tracking

Garmin Vivomove Watch

Garmin has been making headway into the fashion forward wearable market, and proof of it came with their announcement of Vivofit fitness tracker and Vivoactive HR activity tracker cum heart rate monitor. Now yet another announcement confirms Garmin’s stance on accessories that have form-factor and function aptly designed keeping in mind the requirement of urban users. They have revealed the Vivomove analog watch that comes with activity tracking functions. Preserving the essence of a classic analog watch, the wearable does things like analyzing your sleep, counting the steps, counting calories and keeping you motivated towards achieving prime health.
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MWC 2016: Stylish Garmin Vivofit 3 and Vivoactive HR fitness tracking wearables

Garmin Vivofit 3 and Vivoactive HR fitness and health trackers

Garmin has always been known for no nonsense fitness tracking equipment and gadgets, but making a transition to the more stylish ones is good news for buyers. At the ongoing Mobile World Congress 2016 Garmin revealed its new age wearables for fitness and health tracking. It was good to see the refreshing new wearables in a good looking avatar. So let’s have a more insight on Garmin Vivofit 3 and Vivoactive HR.
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Garmin Quatix 3 marine GPS smartwatch for fishers and sailors

Garmin Quatix 3 smartwatch_1

Garmin has announced a new smartwatch targeted towards people who stay a lot on waters. Garmin Quatix 3 marine GPS smartwatch is going to be the ideal gadget to have if you are into cruising, fishing or sailing. The wearable has a high-resolution color display and comes in a rugged form-factor ideal for harsh marine environment. Not only does the smartwatch serve you good in the waters, but it also assists you well on land. This apparently is the second edition after the Garmin Quatix marine GPS watch launched more than two years’ ago.
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Garmin introduces Forerunner 225 GPS running watch with wrist-based heart rate.

Forerunner 225 GPS running watch by Garmin

Garmin, leaders in developing innovative GPS technology over various platforms have unveiled their latest running watch. Dubbed Forerunner 225, the wearable is the first Garmin GPS running watch that comes with an optical heart-rate sensor. Therefore, unlike company’s previous watches that uses a wireless chest strap for heart-rate tracking, the Forerunner 225 will measure heart rate at the wrist. All thanks to Mio, an award-winning performance wearables brand praised for EKG accuracy whose industry-leading optical heart rate technology have been integrated in the Forerunner 225 GPS running watch.
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Garmin Approach S5 GPS golf watch brings golf course details to your wrist

Garmin Approach S5 GPS golf watch

Garmin has revealed a lightweight and slim form factor watch that comes as a handy accessory to have for golfers. Garmin Approach S5 GPS golf watch comes with a high-resolution color display and preloaded maps for over 38,000 international golf courses with the option for Touch Targeting and Manual Pin Positioning. This enables precise data tracking and via the Garmin Connect app compatible with iOS and Android devices, one can easily share and compare their rounds.
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CES 2015: Garmin announces hands-free GPS navigator and upbeat smartwatch

Garmin Epix hands free GPS navigation device and Garmin Vivoactive smartwatch

CES 2015 has just got underway and at this mega event Garmin has come-up with its line-up of wearables, multi-sport watches and much more. What caught our eye are the two products namely; Garmin Epix and Garmin Vivoactive. One is a GPS mapping watch that boasts-of its hand-free navigation aesthetics and the other one which is a GPS smartwatch with built-in sports and activity tracking apps.
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Vector S: Garmin introduces single-sensing pedal-based power meter

Vector S power meter by Garmin

Garmin, producer of consumer and professional grade GPS receivers have announced their latest device which is a single-sensing pedal-based power meter. Named Vector S, the power meter measures forces on the left pedal to the estimated total power. Therefore, it will provide the cyclists with data such as power, pace and more so that the user can easily upgrade to a dual-sensing system. The affordable and flexible single-sensing system allow cyclists to start receiving the benefits of tracking power output from the word go. The upgrade pedal allow the users to add unique additional metrics without investing in a whole new system.
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Garmin Forerunner 15: GPS-enabled running watch with daily activity tracker

Garmin Forerunner 15 GPS running watch

No matter how fitness conscious you may be, researches show prolonged periods of inactivity during the day (especially for desk workers) can intensify the risk of health problems. There are many wearables to track your calories, running and heart rate, but Garmin’s new Forerunner 15 takes it a step further by helping wearers establish healthy habits by remaining active even between workouts. The affordable GPS-enabled running watch, the Garmin Forerunner 15 keeps track of wearer’s daily activities and overall fitness levels. The watch keeps track of the users pace, steps taken, calories burned, running activity and distance, personal records and heart rate. Read More…

CES 2014: Garmin Dash Cam records every unexpected event while driving

Garmin Dash Cam vehicle camera

Garmin the producer of high end gizmos across a variety of genres for demanding users has revealed its high-definition camera dubbed as Garmin Dash Cam for vehicles to record wide-angle shots of the road while driving. Equipped with gravity sensor (G-Sensor) which detects events like braking or a collision and an automated camera that starts recording when the engine is turned on, makes is a useful automotive accessory for recording important events while on the road. Having the recording capability at 1080p, 720p or WVGA video file in a continuous loop onto a 4GB memory card or microSD card makes sure that no incident goes unrecorded. Garmin Dash Cam has a 2.3-inch color display that makes it easy for the driver to review the videos when needed and the gizmo can be easily mounted onto the windshield of the automobile.
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